The Favoured People Part One

Favoured peopleCan you bless yourself by saying your life shall be a life of distinction because he arose.

Exodus 3:21-22, John 10:10. Genesis 39:2-5

I want to say that Jesus went to the cross because of you. Last week, I said Jesus is the only man who gave an appointment before dying and rose early in the morning to honour the appointment.  He went to the cross to remove shame from you, reproach, borrowing and sin from you.

There are people who are standing still in life, they are not moving. It is my prayer that whatever that was buried in your life, shall resurrect. Israel had gone through great tribulation. Their enemies did say to them sing us a song in a strange land. I don’t know how many of you live a strange life; men that were celebrated and honoured became slaves. I don’t know if you have become a slave to any habit; today that habit shall hold you no more.

God told the people of Israel that he will give them favour in the sight of the Egyptians. God has promised that you will not go through life empty handed. The bible is saying, whatever field you are in, whatever job you do, whatever family you have come from, heaven have decided that you will not go through life empty handed.  God told them there will be a transfer of wealth. Men and brethren, the bible says God is just but did not tell us that God is fair because his Favour isn’t fair. The beautiful thing is that as they left the life of defeat and a life of frustration, they move in to a life of honour. They had silver and they had gold as their luggage. Right were you are, your luggage in life shall no longer be pillowcase and firewood.

In John 1:12, heaven has confirmed and affirmed that you are a child of power. I want you to hear and meditate on these things, and ask God to help you become that voice that speaks like his power. Your voice should not be speaking noise but power. I want you to know who you are; as you walk through life let your footsteps and the gate of your walk confirm that you know who you are.

In Exodus 7:1 ‘The Lord said to Moses, “See, I have made you like God unto Pharaoh. The question is how many of us have been able to conceive in the laboratory of our hearts what God is showing us and what God has been showing us. No woman can deliver without conception. Until you conceive what God is showing you, until you know it, until you believe it, you cannot live it out and you cannot demonstrate it in your life. God said to Moses, I the maker of heaven and earth have made you a God to Pharaoh. I don’t know who is the Pharaoh of your family or the Pharaoh of your life; by that spoken word, you as small and as young as you may be, have become a God unto that Pharaoh.

Pharaoh oppresses people; I don’t know which demon that has been oppressing your family. In my own family, the demon that oppressed us was the demon of barrenness. My great grand father was the only child of his family, my grand father was the only child of his family, and my father was the only child of his family. They used to call him the only goat the parents had. The second problem of my family was that of premature death; I am the first person to watch his son wed, others will die before such occasion. You must look into your family to know who and what the Pharaoh in your family is; yours could be poverty, premature death, barrenness, or immorality. There are families where a father is a drunkard and cannot take care of the family. Today, I am insisting that you must rise up and take your position, and rule over that Pharaoh. Jesus has already announced at the cross that your battle is finished.

God has promised you one particular thing, he said I will give you favour. He promised to give you favour in the sight of those who have ruled over you before. He said, I will give you favour from those who don’t like you; those who have persecuted you and harass you.

In Luke 2:52 when the bible speaks of God given favour to you, the bible also talks about increase of favour; it must grow everyday. When you wake up from sleep every morning, just say to God, ‘father, please increase my favour’

 Dr Uma Ukpai

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