The Favoured People Part Two

What is favour? In Daniel 1:9: Favour means to be given something you did not merit; favour means to have God love you tenderly; favour means God promoting you to where he first promised he will promote you into. He said to Joseph that a day will come that members of your family will kneel before you Genesis 37:5-7. I don’t know what dream God gave you before now; as you were growing up, what was that dream God gave you? Did he say you will be somebody someday? Today, I want to declare that nobody born of a woman can stop you.

In the life of Joseph it took 13 years for his dream to come into manifestation. I don’t know how long your own will take. But whatever promise God had made to you shall be realised.

 Favour will help you in the battles of life. In Gen 39:7-9, Joseph knew that the promise God made to him shall be realised someday sometime, he refused to compromised. I don’t what temptations you are going through now. Even when the brothers sold Joseph to slavery, do you know he did not abuse them? He did not say anything funny against them; he did not place a curse upon them because he knew this awesome God will promote him from the rank of a slave to the man that his parents shall bow before him. Right where you are, because the promised he made to you shall come to pass, don’t grieve God; don’t offend God; and if you have offended God, I m giving you the beautiful chance to say to God now ‘I am sorry’.

In Gen 39:21-22, Joseph was jailed but the Lord was with him. I don’t know what difficulties you re going through, as you walk towards the blessings of God for your life. I want you to her me today, if your enemy has pushed you to any prison house, God will be there. In Gen 41:40-41 the man who was accused of raping a woman, who was also disgraced, and was jailed and humiliated. I want you to hear me; God will never leave you nor forget you. The hour of your return is near. Whatever God has promised you, he will bring you to it. Because he resurrected, you will rise again.

 I want you to see that the gift God gave Joseph opened that prison door. He was given the gift of interpretation; ability to interpret dreams. And if you don’t know your own gift, you can begin today to reveal to you your own gift because the bible says a man’s gift shall make a way for him Prov 18:16. There is nothing like ungifted child of God; every one of us is gifted.

There was a sister who used to sweep the fellowship hall, one day the MD of a bank visited the fellowship hall, looking for me and the girl helped him to locate me. After our discussion on his way out, the man saw the girl again and asked her ‘what do you do apart from sweeping here? She said nothing, I am an applicant. The MD said to her if I make you my telephone operator, can you serve very well as a telephone operator? She said yes, I went to school and I can do that. The man said you are now employed. I want to announce that your gift shall make way for you.

It is that gift that will open the prison door where your enemies have locked you, and they are rejoicing that you may never come out from that prison house. I want to announce that, that door shall be made open. On the day of your promotion your enemies shall bow before you. So tell your enemies not to dance because it is not yet over and it will not be over until it is over. A day will come that your enemies shall celebrate you. When it looks as though God has forgotten you, remind him of his promises and ask Him to give you favour in the sight of those who hates you; in the sight of those who have kept you captive. Daniel was a captive but when his hour came, he became a captain. You will one day become a ruler over your circumstances and a ruler over those who were ruling you.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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