Dr Uma Ukpai -Secrets of David – Part Two

Todays teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

David knew how to use musical communication to mesmerize his enemies, and hoodwink his enemies and dazzle his enemies and confuse his enemies to the extent that his mere presence can send the demon afflicted to sleep. 1 Sam 16:23. In loneliness in the desert while taking care of the little flocks, he was never alone, he knew the power of praise, and he knew how to conquer loneliness. Praise is an invitation that God cannot refuse. When I raise songs, I am asking God to catapult you to the atmosphere where miracles happen and bring you back to earth to realize your miracles.

To praise is you saying to God turn my lamentation to laughter, my disappointment to supernatural appointment, my ashes into beauty and cause those who laughed at me to laugh with me and those who mock me to celebrate me. David was tempted with a strong sense of emptiness and solitude resulting from inadequate social relationships in the desert. Therefore, anyone who wants to enjoy the fullness of God’s blessings must learn how to be grateful.

Selfishness and ingratitude have a way of closing down your life. David was favoured by the king but he still finds time to go and take care of his father’s flock 1 Sam 17:15. How many of you see it as a matter of necessity to thank your wife or husband, children and parents for just loving you, for assisting you and been close to you. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of the power of God in your life. A girl who is hardly happy can never find a good suitor. Girls who frown all the time can never  attract a good suitor.

In the life of David, gratitude turned his denial into acceptance, and turns confusion into clarity 1 Sam 17:32. and turns a house into a home Ruth 1:16. Gratitude turns a seed into a great harvest. John 6:11. How many of us know that only the humble can be grateful. It is either you are humble or you will stumble.

Therefore, gratitudes is a personal decision. Only you can decide to be grateful and thankful to God. Right where you are, there is no duty that is as urgent as returning thanks to God. The mark of a grateful person is the ability to give God an offering that will cost him something 2 Sam 24:24. Every born again child of God have been called to impact the lives of people around him. It is only a man who is grateful that can be made a leader by God Jeremiah 3:15.

Any man that desires promotion from heaven must be a committed and grateful follower. We are asked by God to move away from our comfort zone Matt 10:37-38. You do not need anyone to like you before you can become what God wants you to be. 1 Sam 17:29. Because every ambitious man makes mistakes like David; no man with great drive will not make mistake, and every time you said you are a child of God, the enemy will want to bring you down and men take delight in serving as instruments. To be contd

Dr Uma Ukpai

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