Dr Uma Ukpai -The Power Of Prayer & Praises

Todays teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

“My problem is that we don’t know how to pray and praise. If you know the power of prayers and praises, nothing will be impossible with you. I don’t know why you are here in this forum, because this forum is for people who have divine appointment with God and my duty is to take you there faster; that God will wipe away your tears and grant you your desire according to His riches in glory. I want you to hear me, anybody who had not suffered in life cannot be caring nor gentle nor tender.

My first son was a cripple and my enemies were happy that Uma had a cripple as a child. They never knew that the state of that problem lead to the revelational knowledge of Gods power. The day my second child was born, a nurse asked me Uma what of your crippled son, is he still there? If God heals, why can’t he start from your house? I don’t know if your enemy has ever asked you, where is your God? When your enemy provoke you to tears, use those tears as weapon of warfare, not of grumbling. Say to God, Father only you can help me.

It is not what happened to you that matters but what happened in you because of what happened to you. I told the nurse for using your basket mouth to remind me of my problem; that crippled son of mine shall walk today. When I got home we went from song to songs, my son walked out of the children’s room and join us raising his hands to God. To you that have longed and wept for a miracle child, I declare again tonight, by the power of the spoken word and the name of Jesus, that your womb is ready for conception. Let every door that is closed against you be smashed opened.”

Rev Dr Uma Ukpai

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