The Anointing- Part Two

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Teaching from Dr Uma Ukpai

annointingWith the anointing of God in your life, you need not that any man will bamboozle you. The moment any man is born again, he is ushered into the commencement of his journey to his destiny with the anointing of God in his life. God will show you what to do and how to do it. God will enroll you into the school to allow you actualize and explode your destiny.

While speaking in Abiriba, God told me to ask them to bring every blind person they knew and that without prayers, those that would see, would see and people brought the blind from all over the Local Governments and out of 18 blind people brought there that day, 17 people confessed that they saw without prayers. My uncle who was a pastor asked me what this was, because, according to him, miracles could not happen without prayers and I told him without blinking an eyelid that miracles can happen without prayers.

So, I have seen miracle after miracle that I now believe that there is nothing God cannot do. There is no sickness that He cannot heal and I am blessed to know that this God is awesomely-powerful. That same God is your God. The bible says 10 lepers gave him an unscheduled visit and amazingly he did not pray for them, just told them to go and show themselves to the priest. The Anointing need no special introduction. Therefore, nobody can function beyond the knowledge and the anointing that God has given him.

When you become Gods battle axe, you will become one thousand people. You can do things that will surprise and baffle those around you. Isaiah 60:22. A man that God loves, a man that pleases God, a man that seeks after God; God will make him a thousand times more than what he is today. Hear me; God has programmed you to be a candidate of exploits. Therefore, when the anointing comes upon you, men and books will echo what God is doing in your life because the advertiser of the power of God is the HolyGhost

Are we willing to pay the price for the prize? We spend most time blaming people for our problems; you must confront what confronts you. Your background may have affected your life, but you can rise above it.

Men who take pleasure in slandering and backbiting will have problems in receiving and increasing in anointing. No wonder the church is becoming a social gathering.

A man who had a broken wrist, the elbow joint and his pelvic were damaged from accident came to ‘Like a mighty wind’ meeting, the doctors had concluded and confided him to the wheel chair. When he shouted hallelujah the third time as I commanded by Gods anointing, his legs were recreated. Praise God. No man can defeat a man of great imagination .He is unstoppable.

By giving your life to Christ, heaven has prepared you for greatness and with some measures of anointing; therefore you must live a life of distinction. To be cont’d

Dr. Uma Ukpai

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