Welcome to the Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone is an independent online evangelical magazine, an arm of the Virtual Land Network : a network of online resources with a mission to proclaim and propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ with a focus on spiritually helping and blessing people globally, encouraging the worship of God and celebrating the Awesomely Awesome God, the king of Glory!

Our Mission Is The Great Commision

We provide Free articles,  daily devotion section with hints on how to pray updated at 12am CET, to bless, nourish and strengthen.

We also provide free personal ministrations to many people all over the world through  various social media outlets and God has shown himself mighty with abundant testimonies. Praise the name of the lord!!

This is a  place where hope is generated as a catalyst in the midst of a failing economy and a disillusioned world. Here, you will find solace, comfort, advice, ideas and inspiration that will move you to the next level in life. Inspiration will help you to dance, even when the night is dark and the shadows are closing in.

Read the articles, give yourself permission to dream and remember, all the inspiration in the world is not enough to make you take your life to the next level. It takes inspired action to do that so, Take action!

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