Dr Uma Ukpai -The Efficacy of God’s Favour- Part 1


Todays teaching by Dr Uma ukpai

“The men that heaven has favoured are people when they run into problems brake record; while others are broken down forever. Any man who encounters the word of God with the intent and the content and the context to gain wisdom will encounter favour extraordinary. Why? The word of God carries the Spirit of God, the Spirit of God carries the power of God, the

power of God carries the anointing of God and the anointing breaks the yoke. Therefore, if you want your life to demand supernatural explanation you need to have an encounter with the living word of God daily so that heaven can favour you. Uncommon exploits for God is the outcome of God’s favour. A man of favour is a kingdom General, who is known to create advancement. They are Commanders of the high order. Boy oh boy, whatsoever thing they create is created. To maintain the increase of Gods favour, It is required that we Pray well enough, Be versed in the word of God and Avoid sin. It is written that the Lord was with Joseph and showed him mercy and gave him favour in the sight of his master; because Joseph was a righteous man. His enemies sold him but could not sell his dream and vision.

My problem is that we worry about how others are promoted, are married, have better jobs, without finding out the secrets of their success. We must not envy a man who is successful but find out the secret of his success because it takes secrets to succeed. This means that every area of life has secrets; marriage, health, promotion, ministry, business. Job 29 vs. 4–11.

The favour of God upon a man enables him to stand in the office of his calling. As a child of God, you are not in the same level with poverty and struggling and humiliation and lack. You must stop looking down on yourself. I have learnt in 40 years of ministry that some Christians add water to their boat, others hire lawyers against themselves, others enlist in their enemy’s army, and others look at themselves through the eyes of their enemies. Without knowing that knowledge is a golden master key that unlocks every door and the key we need in life determines the door we want to open.

It is time for heaven to grant us favour that shall command and attract men to stand at attention at our presence. There is no option to successful living without divine favour. No bad condition or ugly situation in life that divine favour would not turn around for good. A man with divine favour has no limit to what he can become in life. Those who have found it, always find life sweet and worth living, while those without it are confused about life. Psalm 37:23-24.

It becomes easy to have breakthrough in life once you have found divine favour with God. It would open every door that was closed against you, remove all the obstacles on your way and bring to you success, where others failed. It would change your desert place of life to the Garden of Eden, your mountains to plain land and turn your impossibilities to possibilities. God’s favour in a man’s life is all he needs to get his appointed place in life. Ignorance of this fact has made many to accept defeat as part of Gods training. Do you want this favour?” to be contd

Dr Uma Ukpai

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