Opportunity Knocks in Chaos

oppotunity knockes in chaosExodus 32:19-28

I came to tell someone this night that opportunity knocks in chaos. It is how you perceived the chaos that can make or mar you, whether you determine it to be an opposition or opportunity. It occurs to me that most inventions are not created because people are creative, the catalyst of creativity is birth on the premise of need, the need of the time. If chaos or need creates the momentum through which creativity is formed, then comfort is an enemy of creativity.

You do not create when you are comfortable. Nobody goes to do something or say something that he already has. We make something or do something to function in a capacity because there is a need that requires attention. So when you pray for creativity, you are praying for a need, for a chaos, for confusion which is always the background for which creativity emerges.  

Great leadership is not determined by good times. Great leadership is always determined by chaotic times. It is an oxymoron of life, that our greatest leaders emerge at our greatest moment of confusion

It is good to be uncomfortable. Those of you who insist on your comfort, you are missing your growth pattern. It is always the people who asked ‘Is there not a cause’, those uncomfortable people that rise to the challenge because they refused to allow the chaos around them to determine the conqueror within them.

It is the chaos of the time that creates the conqueror in a man

When God gets ready to reveal to you what you have in you, He will often place you in the midst of chaos. To push you because the toothpaste cannot come out of the tube without pressure and so is water from inside the pipe. The more pressure is applied to the inside, the more the inside begins to emerge.

Anybody can be cute when things are going well. What really determines is how you react when you are under pressure, in the time of the storm.

God can send a chaos when you use Him when you want something and forget Him after you get it?

Most time you are not in chaos because you are evil but because you have associated with the Egyptians for so long that you forget how unique you are. Be careful of how much of you, you compromise just to fit in. Don’t compromise your uniqueness to what you see as an acceptance. Don’t make an Egyptian god in the midst of the Hebrew people

When you don’t know your name, you will need my name to make you great

Moses came down with the glory of God from God. There are some glories you cannot get from association but only come through dedication

You can hang around people who are anointed; does not make you anointed. Anointed does not come through association, the anointing come through consecration. Stop looking for cheap grace because grace will always veil itself when you try to get it without earning it.

It is the insecurity of the times that defines who you really are. You will not be challenged in your convenience, you will be challenged in your chaos

Who is on the Lord side?

Bishop TD Jakes

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