I Will Not Cry By Dr Uma Ukpai

i will not cryNobody is allowed to go through life without problems. Trouble, calamity and problems are part of life, but when it happens to you as a believer, how do you respond? Look at Job, after such calamity had befallen him what did he do? He didn’t curse God, instead he worshipped the Lord, he honored the lord, he said naked came I into this world and naked shall I return Job 1: 20-22. Beginning today when the enemy pushes you down you must not cry. Declare today: I will not cry. Though the fig tree will bring no fruits I will still praise my God for the lord God is my strength. He will help me to walk upon my high places and bounce back. Habbakuk 3: 18-20

In one day, my driver found himself at a sharp corner, he applied his brakes and the car somersaulted and ended in the river. I rushed in to try and rescue my children, as I brought them out and put them in the car to pray for them, a car from the opposite direction smashed into the car destroying the bonnet and the bumper, they died. As if that was not enough, a man stopped by as this happened and informed me that the bus carrying my musicians has caught fire and they don’t know if anyone survived. God said to me I want you to forgive both the driver that smashed into your car and the driver that drove the children into the river. He also said to me “don’t cry for I am with you” and when God says “I am with you” you should know that he will protect you and take care of you and be there for you.

When I went to church the next day with my bible to preach people were crying because of the loss I had suffered but I said to them “don’t cry” why?, because it is appointed unto everyman to go over to the other side. This great calamity that befell me was a test, an exam from God and God said to me, for passing this test I will give you anointing that is not dependent on fasting and prayer! I will give you 100 Angels to be with you.

When you come into your hour of trial and test don’t blame anybody. It is easy to always blame everything and anything around you for your misfortune; it is my aunt, my neighbor, my in-law that is doing this to me. Hear me, that is a nonsensical piece of ridiculous nonsense. We all have one enemy known as “satan” and he can use anyone as an agent to achieve his aim. We do not deal with housemaids, we deal with the master. When you begin to blame other people for your problem and believe it, you walk into what we call spiritual paralysis. Once you believe someone is behind your problem that problem cannot be solved again.

I don’t know what exam you’re going through but don’t weep the weeping of surrender. Don’t let the enemy know he has intimidated you. Tell the enemy if you push me down I shall bounce back. I want you to stop reading now and say it out now, declare: If you push me down, I shall bounce back!

As a child of God you must not allow the enemy make you unhappy, you don’t need a husband or wife to be happy, you don’t need money to happy, money cannot give you happiness, you don’t need children to be happy, you need to know your relationship with God , that’s all. You have to make up your mind today and make a conscious effort not to allow anything make you unhappy. Read Deuteronomy 28: 47-48.

As a child of God you’re not allowed to bow before any man. The only time we kneel down is to kneel down before God and not any man.

When the enemy binds you up, it’s not a time to cry but to raise a song to our Awesomely Awesome God. Paul and Silas prayed but when the prayer did not do what they wanted they switched to gear 1: PRAISE Acts 16: 25-27. Every jumping, dancing, praising Christian is defeat free, humiliation free and frustration free. Let people say what they like just dance and praise the awesomely awesome God because we dance to HIM who is our shepherd and protector, Hallelujah!

Just as with Paul and Silas, as you praise God the foundations of the kingdom of Satan around you shall be shaken. Whatever is the door the enemy has shut against you, it shall be broken down! Shall break down! Shout Hallelujah!

From today, when the enemy pushes you down , you must not cry!

Dr Uma Ukpai

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