School Of Miracles Part 1

dr uma ukpai

My opening statement is simple! Everyone that comes to fellowship with us, you are my assignment. I teach it, I live it and I long to see you explode and become the best you can be. Even in my dreams: I dream of some of you becoming great stars; I dream of that mountain that today stands against you been levelled by God one day. I dream of that your inner man picture, the things you see again and again as what your life will be tomorrow – I dream of it becoming a reality and sometimes I wonder whether many of you realise it. The only reason God sent Moses to Egypt was to bring Israel out of Egypt, out of a life of bondage, a life of humiliation. My dream is that my labour of love will not be in vain; that Iroko trees shall emerge out of this forum.

I want to show you how miracles are performed. In the book of 1 Peter 2:24, the bible said ‘Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.” When any one of us is sick and they ask you how are you? You can say I am sick and by saying I am sick, you are declaring what satan wants you to say, you are also declaring the work of satan in your body at that time.

Does it matter what we really say? Let’s see the books of Numbers 14:24, Prov 6:2, Gal 3:13, James 4:7, Matthew 8:17.

The enemy can attack us but one of the things I want to teach today is to say that your body can obey your mind. Every one of you must begin to train your body to obey you. Your body also can obey the word of God. There is need for us to confess what the bible confesses. I want to declare right here and now that I have nothing against doctors; I have doctors who attend to me if I want them to check me and measure my blood pressure and my health. These are people who are fighting the same battle with us but they are using medical means to reach the same goal. But as a child of God you stand to have double benefit. While doctors treat you, you also can treat yourself by your spoken word. One of the secret I have learnt over the years is the ability to speak to my body and speak to myself.

There are two forms of miracle. I can speak into your life and things will begin to happen but you can also lay your hands upon your body and speak to yourself. And tell your body by His stripes you were made whole. The power of God is ready to confirm and affirm the promise God has given you therefore, you will not die like an ordinary man. There is power in spoken word including your own mouth can produce miracles in your life.

As a child of God, you have double portion of his peculiar concentrated presence, and you will be amazed that when you begin to speak to your body, your body will obey you. When we came back from the One million man crusade, I was exhausted but God said to me, you can speak to yourself. I told my body, thou tiredness, you can function everyday but not today, I must be there to serve the people of God for they are my assignment; they are the reason why I am still here on earth, I will keep fighting with them, that those who are Pastors that through my ministry they will build great churches, and those who are struggling in their marriage that God will soon step in to make their marriage a pleasurable one, and those who have no money that God will bring money surprising to them and will show them how to create wealth. The only reason God sent Moses to Israel was to bring them to that land that flows with milk and honey.

I am here to teach the covenant of success, the covenant of provision, the covenant of protection, the covenant of wisdom, knowledge, understand and the covenant of favour that any and every one who comes here shall be an extra ordinary person. Therefore, that mountain on your way shall be levelled.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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