Dr Uma Ukpai -Before Getting Married Part 8

uma ukpai

Todays teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

uma ukpaiIt is time to appreciate your loved ones, don’t take them for granted. Gratitude turns denial into acceptance, confusion into clarity, house into a home; seed into great harvest. You must take care of your family, physically, emotionally and materially. Sisters learn how to submit to your husband because it leads to genuine affection. Nothing disarms a man like a humble wife. A woman who shows off how more intelligent she is than her husband will soon have high blood pressure as her companion.

Someone asked ‘how can someone hurt a person they supposedly love so much on purpose? I told her if you are not loved, there will be no hurt. There is a love of test and a test in every love. Marriage issues and problems will always come in different form. What happens in you matters than what happens to you. Many of us have created a monster out of our marriage, there is no new creation. We have turned our life and marriage to methodical synthesis, there is nothing new. Work places and Life is boring because we are not good thinkers. And God said, Let us make man in our image …and let them have dominion Gen.1:26 Adam and Eve were made Generals and Generals are known to create advancement. In your home, your creation is tested on how you arrange your furniture, how you rearrange your wardrobes, how you do things differently. Men and brethren your situation may be good but it can also be better. Any area of struggling in your life and marriage is because that which you ought to know, you don’t know. There are people in their marriages, there is no drive, people who have no dream; people who have no ambition, people who do not go for the best that this life in God can offer. They have turned their homes to grumblers’ territory, they never smile. When you visit such people, you are not motivated to visit them again.

Therefore, all of you with the gift of frowning in your home must give your frown a break, because it is demonic captivity. Smile is contagious and it is you saying to satan in front of your family, no matter what satan does to frustrate my marriage, he who is in me is greater. It is you saying, it is not over until it is over, and if satan pushes you down ten times you shall bounce back ten times. Smile is you saying let nobody count me out in this marriage for I will not quit I will not give up and I will not surrender. Smile and laughter triggers the right side of the brain, which helps release creativity so we can make better decisions in your marriage. Boy oh boy, only what you bless will bless you, therefore bless your life, bless your children, bless your wife, bless your husband, bless your home and bless God. Most people come into their marriage with past guilt past mistakes and still hold to it. You must allow your past mistakes disappointment and past discouragement to pass away or you will become the past. You must allow fresh air, fresh thinking, fresh trust, fresh love to come into your marriage daily.

Every time there is a tragedy in your marriage or the enemy attacks you with anything, even in the dream. You must shore-up your thoughts; raise your thoughts above what you are going through, because your thoughts produce pictures and frequency, they are magnetic, and can bring things into your life. How many of you know that your mind is the greatest source of creation? Begin in the morning with your family in your marriage by praising God and having thoughts that will inspire and refresh you. By this action, you have the power to intentionally create your entire life through the power of the Holy Spirit. Be careful in running to where you hear prophecies concerning your marriage and don’t conclude God is speaking without pondering it with the word of God because men who take pleasure in slandering and backbiting will have problems in receiving and giving prophecies,  they will only help in creating more confusion to your marriage and life. May the glory of God radiate in your marriage.

 Dr Uma Ukpai

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