Dr Uma Ukpai -An Encounter with God

Todays teaching from Dr Uma ukpai

Our churches no longer have people who weep to God because of wickedness, our nation have lost the value for human sanctity. Men and brethren, wickedness dries up your tears. We have become the greatest inventors of excuses and we have no excuse for being full of excuses. Every excuse is a leprous condition without remedy.  How many of you know that weeping prayer is an act of self abandonment. It is you saying to God, I have tried all I can; Lord it is time you show up in my life, in my family, in my business and at my working place. I have tarried enough on this mountain, I desire to move forward. I desire to be filled with your power; I desire to be used to change my generation. When Jesus wept at the cross and the tears dropped on the ground, graves were opened and dead men worked into the town. When Peter offended, betrayed and denounced Jesus; the master did not rebuke him, he only looked at him; and because his heart was tender he cried.

Any man who will have an encounter with God is the man who is ready for God to teach him the deep secrets things of life and to reveal the purpose of his creation. This is the first principle of the oracles of God. What is the purpose of your creation? We must know how to move in the supernatural without grieving God and without being carried away. Every bible passage is a living organism because God brings new perspective to every bible passage. God is the only one who reveals Himself and remains a mystery. God wants to show you things you don’t know about a passage you thought you knew.

 Therefore, everyman is born on purpose for a purpose. We are not an accidental discharge. God had planted us in his right hand. Our problem is that we don’t know the ability and availability and the limitless boundless power of our God. We are yesterday thinkers and tomorrow terrified. Jesus said to Pilate ‘for this cause I was born’ John 18:37. When David’s brothers were angry that he confronted their limitations for not defeating Goliath, he declared ‘Is there not a cause’ 1 Sam 17: 29. He chose to become the oracle of heaven for the sake of his nation, for the sake of his community and for the sake of his family.

 I am amazed when I see believers living selfish lives; I am amazed when our leaders plunder the nations wealth: they don’t know they are heaping curses to their many generations. Jesus said I have come to do the will of my father. Every position God has placed you is not because of you; God wants you to be an extension of his power and an extension of his blessings to your neighbour.  John 6:38. God is looking for a man Ezekiel 22:30, God is looking for a man he will use as His battle axe Jeremiah 51:20. For this is the word of promise: “At this time I will come and Sarah shall have a son.” Romans 9:9.  Do you intend to have an encounter with this great God? You must ask him to teach you, you must earnestly desire this God and then God will give you the dividends of Calvary.  To that man or woman who is on the verge of major disaster; to that man who because of poverty, his dreams are about to be terminated; I pray that heaven will show up on your behalf.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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