Dr Uma Ukpai -Why You Must Not Die Poor?

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Todays word from Dr Uma Ukpai

The difference between prosperity and poverty is whose voice we honour or respect because what you don’t respect, you cannot possess. Your decisions can decide your wealth; your decisions decide your increase and can also decide your stress. Nobody has a right to complain about what he permits. You don’t have a right to complain and worry about what you allow.

Poverty can abort your destiny, it can terminate dreams. Poverty can make you do things you don’t want to do. The fear of what you don’t have and with no one caring about it, can keep you awake all night in sorrow. You must therefore take heed to the thoughts and actions you take because whatever is the dominant thought of your heart can affect your tomorrow. The king’s children do not live in lack except they are not in good terms with their father. Success is alluring, powerful, self-inviting, tantalizing and announces itself. Supernatural abundance is your covenant right because God does not want you to go through life empty. Poverty is a by-product of ignorance and cash without gratitude. it is a prison house that needs no wall and chains. Your marriage with poverty must be terminated, for a poor man is not a man without money but a man without vision.

Famine means lack, it announcesdr uma ukpai poverty, struggling, humiliation, reproach; it means shame. But when you become born again, Heaven will raise a comprehensive insurance policy against defeat in your life, and against lack and against poverty. Therefore, a poor man is not a man without money but a man without vision, because every vision commands a provision from God. The poorest man is the one whose only wealth is money. Men and brethren, a fruitful life is not an accident. It is the result of right choice

You may have come from a family where there is no pillar, where everybody is hopelessly, wretchedly and stupidly poor? It is not an excuse to die poor. One thing is certain, every road without an obstacle leads to nowhere. Your dreams cannot be realized without money but let not money define your vision but God. The enemy also plants extreme dislike of people because he does not want you to realize Gods plan for your life. Hear me; the person you hate most has something you need most. Therefore, the more good people you know, the more the channel of miracle.

The secret of success in life is rooted in the ability to serve others because the road to success requires help from another. We must learn to give, because giving out of pleasure and giving at ease, keeps you standing in one place in your finances. Often I hear people say, Sir, I don’t give because I don’t have, but the truth is that we don’t have because we don’t give. When Peter gave Jesus his boat to preach in the midst of anger and bitterness of staying all night while catching no fish; interestingly Jesus addressed the problem after using the boat. Most of us will want to push him out of the boat because he was not quick, we will criticize him as a fake man of God. The amazing part of the testimony is Peters’ attitude after the miracle of abundance provision; Peter left the boat and the fish to follow Jesus; he realized he had nothing to lose by following the commander of the supernatural. When you chase worldly fish leaving the things that matter to God, your life and finances will not matter to him.

Success is no success until the signet of the divine is traceable to it; therefore I am called to demonstrate that no man can be what he ought to be without the power of God playing a role in his life. We must desire a change in our inner man because this change is the evidence that you are alive. You cannot do the same thing that you have always done and expect a miracle. Every miracle, every progress is the results of those who are not satisfied with were they are. Were you are may be the best but your best can also be better. To be contd

 Dr Uma Ukpai

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