Dr Uma Ukpai – An Encounter with God Part 3

dr. uma ukpai

Today’s word from Dr. Uma Ukpai

When God in 1972 asked me to relocate to Uyo, Nigeria; it was not my best option because Uyo then was a big village. My friends were sent to America, London, and Lagos. The place I was working before I entered full time ministry paid me so well that I never cooked, because I had more than enough to eat at the hotel. It is not your will but His will be done. The greatest thing is to do the will of God. It may not be comfortable, it may not be pleasurable but unless God is the Lord of your life and the Lord all over your life, then it is not the Lord at all. Anybody like me who goes to heaven and was asked to come back to continue preaching will not like it!

In one of our programmes at Kaduna, God told me to go through Abuja and that there will be 500 young men waiting at the airport to lynch me. By the time they came to see us at the venue of the programme, we had produced a crowd of 1 million people and they were afraid.When 7 cripples walked, the crowd went wild. Also, the day the enemies planned to beat me up in Zaria interestingly was the day the Emirs wife walked. The Emir himself was ready to die for me because according to him, my ministry has blessed his family.

dr. uma ukpaiLife is designed in a way that you must start from the scratch and keep scratching until God steps in. An overnight success takes 12 years. Some people don’t want to wait, they want to start ministry today and buy a jeep tomorrow. It is either they become an armed robber or a kidnapper of peoples mind and life.

Having an encounter with God can make your life worthwhile and can reposition you for future event of exploits. One time we were driving along Abia state, Nigeria, they were 8 armed robbers who were stationed at the road. They blocked the road with two brand new buses. The Sergeant attached to us for the program threatened to shoot them. I told him, you have only one unsophisticated gun; they have eight and maybe more in hiding. I told him, I have a coverage from God; let God fight for us. I marched towards the armed robbers. I did not know why I did that; suddenly one of the men said “Uma is it you’ in Igbo language; we are sorry. We are going to dismantle this road block but don’t pray against us. Pray that God will bless us this Christmas. Others shouted Reverend, Happy Christmas. Those who were with me who were already panic stricken asked me ‘What did you do’.

Ignorance is the greatest enemy you will ever have, because to know is to believe; and to believe is to set yourself free. Ignorance leads to panic and worry. And worry is you in a dark room developing negatives. Somebody told me the other time, most of you Christians have skeleton in the cupboard, I told him the skeletons in the cupboard have been covered by the blood of Jesus and so they are no more there. We are justified by the blood and only Jesus has the right to condemn any man. Rom 5:9. Don’t join the people condemning men of God, because when God punish them, he will also punish you for joining the multitude. If they are called men of God, then allow God to fight his battle 1 Sam 26: 9 -10.

Men and brethren, do you know that Justice and righteousness and holiness demand that every sin be punished according to the degree of the criminality of that sin. Because when God will judge you, he will find out how many people were affected by that one sin if you remain an unbeliever. It therefore demands that someone will take your place and die for you so that you can live for that person. Rev 12:11. And the worst punishment wasn’t what people could see; it was the Son of God being totally cut off from God the Father as He carried all the horror and all the hell of all our sin.

A sister wrote from Senegal “Daddy I say Amen to all your prayers and prophetic words. When I next come to see you I will tell you how the Lord used you to change my life 360 degrees to joy, forward and count my blessings. I pray for God Almighty to anoint you more so that you save more lost souls. One maybe born again and still be lost, like I was”

Right where you are, you can rededicate your life now to God. Ask Him to forgive all your wrong doing and promise him to live for him; and to daily have an encounter with him. May heaven now turn your mess into a message to your greatness. Your luggage through life shall no longer be firewood and pillowcase; it shall become silver and gold. Exodus 3:21-22

Dr Uma Ukpai

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