An Encounter with God Part 4 By Dr Uma Ukpai

Todays teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

dr. uma ukpaiEveryone who has an encounter with God with an evidence of speaking in tongues has been given a hot telephone line with the Commander-in-Chief. The good news is that no demon will sabotage you because it is a language between you and God. In 1985, we were smuggling bibles into China; we left Hong Kong, got to border, to enter a part of mainland China. As we got there, the custom officer told us to remove everything that will cause us to sin and destroyed it before placing our suitcase in the machine. He now commanded us to place our suitcase on their machine. He said ‘If your suitcase is here, place them on our machines, the machines will tell us if you have bibles or not. And if you have bibles you are going to do twenty years jail term’. You can imagine what I went through in my mind. About 2000 thought were flying through. And God said you can speak in tongues. And I began to speak in tongues, my American friend joined me. My friend was more daring than I was then, he said to me, Uma if they detained us, we shall turn that place into a church. He said to me if the case becomes more, my US embassy will come for us, I told him, my own embassy will run away. But as we began to intensify in speaking in tongues, the five machines packed up. The presiding customs officer came to me and ask; are you a native doctor, we hear of native doctors from Africa. Are you one of them? I looked and told him my friend, if you don’t want trouble just allow us to continue our journey. He said please carry your trouble and go.

As a child of God you must ask God to fill you with the gift of speaking in tongues with the ability to interpret. Then you will become a great able soldier. Men and brethren, no weapon is as powerful as the prayer of an intercessor. We are looking for those who will fast for one day in a month for us. We want to raise-up a great prayer power. That anyone who has gone through valleys where no helpers can help will find help in our meetings. We want people who can bring down the power and the glory of God into our meetings. When you combine faith plus prayer plus fasting plus speaking in tongues plus covenant with God, great things will happen. The man or woman who desires an encounter with God must learn to keep his or her words. You must keep your promises to man and God. You know, we live in a country where people promises to build bridges where there are no rivers; we just say anything we like without considering what we have said. Judges 11:36

We were flying from Lagos to Portharcourt, in the course of the flight, the aircraft droped in its altitude about six times, an Army General sat close to me, his purse fell down and I picked it and gave him, he said to me, Reverend if we arrived Lagos safely, I will give you everything in this purse. I said to him, I didn’t know that Generals can panic. He said to me my brother Generals are human beings. When we landed safely, he picked his luggage and left, I ran and said to him General you have forgotten something, he said what did I forget? I told him the content of your purse that you promised; he said I made that promise under panic situation. Most of you have made a promise to God and when God delivers you, you simply forget.

I know of a woman who told the husband, if you marry me, I will never create problem for you but now she creates problem for him every day. What promise did you make which you did not honour? All the young men who have been going about proposing to girls and breaking their hearts, you are a demonic influence to them. Also, if a young girl said to a man, pay my school fees and I will marry you, when the man pays your school fees and you jilt the man. You have hurt yourself, because God is the Law of the harvest, in every business involving two persons, He is the third person. God will pay you back in your own coin. If you have fallen short in your encounter with God and man, you must tell God, father I am honest enough to admit were I failed you but please forgive me and don’t hold it against me Ecc 5:5 -6.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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