The Principles of Uncommon Success

uncommon2I want you to make an announcement to anyone around you that this year is the beginning of your uncommon success. Then prophesy over yourself that this year is the beginning of my uncommon success.

Number One, success is our birthright as born again Christians. Number Two. Success is our kingdom right as born again Christians and Number three, success is our redemptive right as born again Christians.

As Christians, the enemy can place limitations on us; our job is to look at those limitations and ignore them. Every limitation placed upon you must not rule your life. The limitation of lack of education because the best educated man is a self educated man and for a self educated man has no time limit. The enemy can place financial limitation upon you; it is your duty to ignore that limitation. I don’t know what other limitation the enemy has place upon you; but I want you to make up your mind tonight that having prophesied to yourself, this year shall be your year of uncommon success. I listened to a man with no legs and no hands deliver a speech and I wept. Lack of legs could not limit him; lack of hands could not limit him, therefore, lift up your hands and say to yourself, nothing shall limit you.

I am going to share some secrets with you; if you come to a difficult place in your life and you don’t know what to do. You must realise that success is not a gift; it is a choice. There are prices you must pay; there are things you must do. You must therefore learn how to ignore the referees whistle, when the referee says stop you can’t continue; stop you have exhausted your resources. From now henceforth, no limitation place upon you must be allowed to rule your life.

1 Samuel 30:5- 8 there is what we called prayer of enquiry. Something you do with great determination and humility. Prayer of enquiry is when you give up your dinner and say to God what do I do, I am facing health problem, I am facing financial problem, I am facing so many enemies. What do I do? And God will open heaven and grant you heavenly information. In life, information transforms a man; lack of it deforms a man. Your problem is not your problem; your problem is refusal to ask God what do I do? If you go to your closest the first day and there was no answer, don’t give up; return every day until God shows up.

Daniel 2:10 -24 we are allowed to copy from the old men of God who worked with God. We can copy their principles and strategies; we can learn from them. Daniel left a powerful principle you can copy today and appropriate it. Every one of us must have a prayer partner as Daniel had; For God has given authority to two persons that shall agree on anything and heaven shall honour it. Then was the secret of the dream revealed to Daniel in a night vision. I want you to pay attention to the word of God because as a Preacher, your failure is my failure; your problem is my problem. If you do well, we are doing well. Therefore, I am insisting that this year whether you like it or not, must be your year of uncommon success. There are so many churches and bible centres; the question is, what is God doing in those churches? I announce that whatever is limiting you must leave you alone this night. Every limitation placed upon your family shall not affect you anymore. Yes people from your family, don’t get married on time; that does not include you anymore; because you are a child of God success, healing, deliverance is your redemptive rights, and God have already promise that you will be fruitful.

Our awesome God chose to reveal to Daniel and his friend what they were looking for in a night vision. When the enemy builds an obstacle against you, I have been there. When you preach miracles and you have a cripple son, you will then know how wicked and uncaring men can be; they will empty their bucket of water a drowning man. Our problem is that we have not knocked at the door of heaven and say to God this is my problem.

As a child of God, don’t allow the enemy to work all over you, as we walked through life, the enemy throws stones at us. There are three things you will add to your list, the 12 thngs that God will do for you this year. Number One, ask him for wisdom. Number two. Ask him for self control and discipline. Finally ask him for intelligence. Everyone one of us must bind laziness; the bible says a man who is a hard working person shall dine before kings. Prov 4:7, Ask God for wisdom. Wisdom is the creator of success. You need to believe it to have it. What is Wisdom? Wisdom is the ability to see the unprotected forehead of your Goliath. There is always an opening that will bring your story to glory. We must learn how to be practical.

Every man has his own Prophet and a prophet reward is that thing which is missing in your life. I therefore decree today that every stone thrown at you shall not locate you. May you rise above your enemies and accusers. Any juju put together against you shall function no more. Wherever anybody has taken your name, your property to; that place shall rise up in flames. This is your year of uncommon success.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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