Covenant of Praise By Dr Uma Ukpai

Todays teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

dr uma ukpaiMen and brethren, we must praise God with the greatest expression of excitement because your excitement determines the loudness of your voice. If you are excited about it you can only dance and sing it with loudness.

 Number One: When you dance to God, heaven will dance for you.

 Number Two: When you dance, all your enemies will know that you have dance for God because God will keep them barren the rest of their lives. Most of you dance to God as if you had cement around your waist.

 Number Three: Praising and dancing before the Lord guarantees change in your life. It is a change producer

Number Four: Praising and Dancing for God is a means through which God intervenes in your struggles, in your sickness, in your problems.

Number Five: Praising this awesome God will compel God to take over your battle from you. It ends your struggling and your frustrations.

Number Six: When you sing and dance before the lord, every demon will run before He shows up.

We have a duty to sing and dance to God for the mere fact that He promise never to leave or forsake us. I therefore decree that whatever that does not work in your life shall now work because Jesus lives.

Having a covenant of praise is not because he has answered your prayers, but because he has promise to answer your prayers. A covenant of praise is the affirmation and the attestation that He will step into your situation and intervene on your behalf.

God wants you to rise to the next level of your life every year, but it comes through knowledge. Information transforms a man; lack of it deforms a man. Boy oh boy, the person that speaks into your life now determines what your life will be in 10 years time. Therefore, my dream is that as you listen to the word of God and apply them to your life, your life will stand out in the midst of the crowd as one who is greatly bless by God.

There are many dead preachers with dead members, my desire is that you will allow the living organism of the word of God to change you and make you a better person.  About this time next year, let your enemies and friends say ‘see what God have done for you’.

A man of shattered focus cannot make history. Only a man that listen attentively, intently and earnestly can gain from what is been said. Psalm 67:5-7 .There are things in your life that only God can do. When we speak of praise, it is not the same thing as thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is you celebrating God for what He is doing and what He has done. But praise is you expressing your thanks in the word of God, celebrating what God has written concerning you. Psalm 56:4, 10. Amazingly and surprisingly, God has promised every believer that you will not go through life empty handed. 2 Corinthians 8:9 Because of you, he became poor that you may be rich. When we celebrate his words, that is what is called Praise but when He has already healed you, we can thank Him; that is what is called thanksgiving.

It is the ability to praise God ahead of time that will cause miracles to begin to happen in your life. Unless you thank God for where you are now; you cannot get to where you want to go tomorrow. You must thank God for what he has done and praising God for what He has promised.

Learn how to sing ahead of Gods intervention. Paul was beaten and left to die in Acts 6 and yet he praised God regardless of what he was going through; he sang because of Gods promise to protect and fight for him. Psalm 22:3. He raised the song to bring God into his situation. When the enemy comes from every flank, when it looks like you have no one to help you; when your enemies are dancing; when they are mocking you; when they are laughing at you; that is the best time to sing praises.

 What have you been asking God to do for you and it has not been answered. You must approach that close door with a song because song is an invitation that God cannot refuse.In singing to God; you must sound like a commander because your problem shall become a promotion. The bible says if you can praise this God he will demonstrate His fearful acts. Exodus 15:11.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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