Dr Uma Ukpai -Before Getting Married Part 7

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Todays teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

uma ukpaiThe bible says take up the shield of faith because your enemies are many, they want to stop you, they want to molest you and they want to humiliate you. They want you to walk through life and through marriage hopelessly and wretchedly defeated. My goal is that you will become unstoppable, unmolestable and whatever the enemy had taken from you shall be returned. That tragedy in your life and marriage that makes Satan say to you stop serving God, stop praising God is a good reason why you should serve God. Satan will create situations that will stop you from serving God.

 When the enemy has raised a stronghold against your dreams and desire; the easiest way to break that stronghold is what I call intercession Gen 25: 21. And Isaac entreats, pleaded, interceded for the wife. Every man reading this article must stop blaming the wife for not having a child for you. When you start blaming others for your problems, you will run into a spiritual paralysis because no man is a failure until he begins to blame others. You must take responsibility. Isaac took responsibility. Nothing blesses a woman like hearing her husband say to God please meet my wife at the point of her needs. Nothing also blesses a man than a woman saying to the children I thank God for this man God gave me, your father is a wonderful husband. When you say it to your children during prayer time; heaven will honour you. I know the tendency and propensity is to say to your children; but for you children, I will not be in this house. This your father is a wicked man, and yet the same mouth you use in tearing that man to pieces is the same mouth you use in asking God to bless your family.

 Men and brethren, Christianity is not easy. It has a standard. The goal post is fixed, there is no shifting. The scripture says “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever” Some of you even in sin, will like us to believe the sin is the standard. As a believer when you have nothing good to say about your husband please shut up your mouth. James 1:27. When you quarrel with him, don’t transfer the bitterness to your children. Why? That man as stupid as he is; he has a backing authority, he can place a curse upon your children, and they will not rise to any level. Every time my own mother and father disagree, and I had to know what the matter is my mother will tell me you are a small boy. We don’t discuss such things with small boys like you. Please brethren protect your children.

  It is amazing that Isaac interceded for his wife. He did not say to her, who knows how you were messing up and down when you were a spinster, now we can’t have a child because of your waywardness. We must learn how to pray for one another. Your husband or wife is not a liability as you think. Be grateful that God has blessed you to be a partaker in bringing bread to the home. Marriage is a union of two forgivers; it is important to know that as the woman in that family, you are the intercessor. But as the Priest been the man, you are the one to pray for the success of your children, the healing of your wife and her promotion and her lifting. The bible says and Isaac pleaded with God, the word plead is someone saying I am on my knees, please don’t go until you listen to my complaint.

One time I came back from a crusade, my wife had swollen hand for reasons I don’t know. Every time the enemy attacks her, it is like I am the real target; and sometimes it stairs up tears in my heart. Yes we disagree over issues but no one is allowed to touch her; because to touch her is to touch me where nobody will touch me. I have a cousin who stayed briefly in my house and told me that my wife Bosses over me, I sent her away the next day. I told my mum, if I am old enough to marry a wife, I should be old enough to defend her and protect her. I held the swollen hands with a heart felt prayer to God without uttering a word for 5 minutes and as I removed my hand the swelling had disappeared. My wife asked me you did not even pray, what did you do? And Isaac wrestles with God because of his wife. Remember she has been giving a promise; she has been given hope and a dream; remember she had a dream of having children but it did not come. It was as if the promises of God were a contradiction. It boiled down to Isaac demanding the manifestation of the promise. I therefore demand that whatever the enemy had taken from you to be returned by force.

 Dr Uma Ukpai

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