Confront Your Confrontations By Dr Uma Ukpai

Men and brethren, every miracle and every progress is the results of those who are not satisfied with were they are. Life success and achievements belongs to those who confront their confrontations daily. It is amazing to know that life has three enemies. Number one is regrets- what do you regret in life? Number two is worrying about tomorrow’s problems. Some of you are so afraid of imaginative problems and number three is ingratitude. Therefore, a man who must rule in the midst of his enemies is man who has learnt the secret to confront his confrontations.


Allow me today to confront your negative thoughts, the fear of sickness, the fear of poverty, the fear of sin, the fear of witches and the fear of tomorrow. You have stayed too long in the valley where there is no ladder or water; your enemies have spoken too many lies that hold no water that has made you stop agreeing with the word of God and trusting in His power to set you free, because you have a right to reject what the enemy throws at you. I declare that all your enemies are liars; whatever they have said concerning you shall cease to operate.

Life is made in a way that your spirit will determine what your life will be, and ones your spirit speaks your body will obey because your body is designed to obey your spirit. If your problems speak to you, you must confront that problem by replying. No man or situation can humiliate you without your consent. Boy oh boy, everything wants to speak to you. You must be fired up to give a response every time an enemy attacks you, every time trouble and failure speaks to you. When sickness says you will die, you must say something. Even when witches threaten you, don’t keep quiet. In the battles of life, once you shut up your mouth, you have become a captive. You must not allow the enemy to steal your faith and destiny. How many of you know that purpose without pursuit leads to frustration because what worries a dead man is not what he has achieved but what he failed to achieve.

One time an insane (mad) man came in front of my house and started saying every bad word and raining curses because I chased the entire demon in my town. My wife told me ‘he is only a mad man, leave him. I said that is the more reason he must be confronted. I refuse to keep quiet but replied him, and by doing so I confronted the spirit behind the mad man. You must confront your confrontations because every spoken word frames our future and gives shame or beauty to our feet. If God is your father, you cannot be a permanent refugee or a person mesmerized by witches.

Life is a battle; every one of us must know what to do when the enemy will hedge in on you and aim you in. It is not right when the enemy attacks you from every angle, you become helpless. When people try to frustrate you, don’t dwell in that frustration. Don’t allow any man’s profile to intimidate you. You are a valuable limited edition, created as God’s fingerprint and distinctive. Therefore never give up, or shut up or quit in the battles of life because the only man who is a great man is the man who has fulfilled the purpose of his creation. Your prayer today should be Lord, open my eyes to see beyond the seen and see beyond the obvious and see beyond the natural that I may be what you want me to be.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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