Dr Uma Ukpai -The Efficacy of God’s Favour- Part 4


Todays teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

I have dwelt on this topic because your placement in life is determined by the secrets made available to you. Our world is gradually becoming polluted by haters because they see Gods favour in your life as something not possible, some will claim that you have slept with the boss to be promoted , while others will claim you have used black magic. Why? There is no higher mountain in life as the mountain of ignorance; ignorance of the ability and the availability of Gods power and favour. One wonders why our cities have not been overthrown by God with all the iniquities that is been perpetrated, it is simply because some people have found favour with God. Genesis 19:21.

The easiest way to get Favour is to be righteous. Psalm 5:12. Job 10:12. A man of favour is a man who strives for progress in the community, a never self- centred man because only in our unity can we command our community, and only in our community can the man of favour command respect. The man that will command heavens’ favour is the man who has compassion for the poor and needy. You cannot say you are a conqueror without fighting a battle. No wonder many use the tool we call excuse to build a monument of emptiness without knowing that the enemy wants to crush, steal, kill and destroy our destiny. What he does is send a thought across your heart, and then turns that thought into a look, and turns that look into words, and turn that word into action, and turn that action into habit, and turn that habit into character, and turn that character into destiny.

God is looking for a man he will favour so that he will powerfully be used to bring light to his family, light to his community, light to his nation. Do we have men who are ready to forgo all and say to God here I am Lord Grant me this favour for your glory. We have dwelt too long on this mount; we need this favour so that we don’t live on lack. It is important to note that famine means lack, famine means suffering, and famine means humiliation. But Favour gives us right to reject what the enemy had thrown at us. A favoured man is a commander in sharing other people’s burdens and then giving them hope, that they may become what they want to be. We MUST learn to give, because giving out of pleasure and giving at ease, keeps you standing in one place in your finances and does not provoke God to grant us favour.  A favoured wife never buys the idea that her mother-in-law is a witch because she is running away from responsibilities but rather she is a blessing to her.

The reason you must be favoured is because God has seen that the enemy has harassed you, tormented you, and tortured you enough. Maybe you have been standing in the valley where problems are multiplied; while you are solving one problem, the enemy will bring another one. Favour will grant you the compact that points to your destination. It allows you to plunder your enemies. Exodus 12:36. A man of favour is naturally fruitful. Leviticus 26:9. A man of favour can be empowered to destroy his enemies. Esther 8:5. I therefore declare: May you find favour and high esteem in the sight of God and man. To be contd

 Dr Uma Ukpai