From Red Sea to Red Carpet By Dr Uma Ukpai

dr umas ukpaiAnd the LORD said I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows’ Exodus 3:7. For Pharaoh will say of the children of Israel, They are entangled in the land; the wilderness hath shut them in. Exodus 14:3. And the King of Egypt had concluded that there was no way the children of God can escape the red sea.

Your red sea can be a nautical career, a voyage of troubles. Your red sea can be the degree or amount of turbulence of life. Your red sea can be a valley where there is no one, no ladder or water to assist you. Your red sea can be a choice sickness that defiles every medical attention. It can be an ocean of problems, when you solve one problem another comes almost immediately. Your red sea can be your attitude or character that has made men to detest you; because character is what you are in the absence of the crowd. Your red sea could be a curse that you have been laboring under.

Sometimes in your desire to bring food to your family, you stumble and you fall because whatsoever sin touches it curses. Therefore, every ambitious man makes mistakes; no man with great drive will not make mistake, and every time you said you are a child of God, the enemy will want to bring you down and men takes delight in serving as instruments. Our thought is as powerful as our spoken words and every curse originates from spoken word. What is a curse?

A curse is you knowing what you need but don’t know how to get it. A curse is you doing what others do and succeed without you succeeding. Listen, when God wants to punish a man he will give him unsuccessful children. We have suffered enough. The curse must be revoked. For God has promise that your children shall be mighty. When a curse is released on any person, family, community or a nation; that continues to be in operation until someone that has a backing authority takes the responsibility to have it broken. That is why contact with a great man of God brings impartation and impartation brings anointing. There are people you come in contact with in life who will change your situation permanently. The more anointing you have the easier for you to do things and the more comfort¬able your life will become. Boy o boy, your life is not a harbinger of tragedy. You must not gate crash your soul on the rock of depression because your lamentation is about to turn into laughter and humiliation into a ladder to your honour. Your year of record breaking has come: your time for record breaking has come and your season for record breaking is now.

Are you at the valley of fears? Do your problems mock and laugh at you? Do you say “the lord has forsaken me”? Hear me, God has already promised and given you His best and everyone who doubts Him ought to be ashamed, for God keeps His promises a thousand times over. He is about to show himself strong on your behalf. His faithfulness will always act in our defense and will shield you from the enemy’s arrow. ‘And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left. Exodus 14:22. We need to know this God experientially, personally, intently, beyond what we are taught or read because he remains faithful

You are a mighty man in battle, El Shaddai

You are a mighty man in battle, Jehovan Nissi

You are a mighty man in battle, El Shaddai-i-i

You are a mighty man in battle, glory to your name!!!!

Men and brethren: difficulties give way to determine people. You need to know that purity is power. Ask God to help you deal with the weakness of your father’s house so that weakness would not destroy you. God said if you return to Him, He will cause you to create wealth as dust. He will cause you to have plenty of silver. Failure to relate to God is failure in all the areas of life. Failure to befriend God is to be prone to the enemies attack. It is time for your red sea to be converted to red carpet.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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