Dr Uma Ukpai -The Efficacy of God’s Favour Part 3


Todays teaching by Dr Uma ukpai

It is important to note that a man of favour looks at what others look at and see what they cannot see. The Efficacy of God’s Favour Part Two describes the potential ingredients that favour commands. What is Favour? Favour is an approving attitude; good will, an act performed out of good will, generosity, or mercy; Favour can be termed a prejudice or partiality to the man who is in the opposing side; Favour is a condition of being regarded with approval or good will. Favour is a permission to excel, to rule and to control. Favour is a token of love, goodwill. Favour wears royalty, an endowment bestowed by the Divine; to find favour with; is to be approved of by someone, some being, by an immortal. Men and Brethren, what you don’t respect cannot bless you.

Therefore, favour cannot be seen but we can see the side effects of not having it. For example, some people are not married because there is a presence of resentment around them that makes people hates them for no just reason. Some people’s mere presence at work places generates quarrel for no good reason. Genesis 31:5. While others dance in the rain and storm and labours like Elephant but produce a Grasshopper results. Boy oh boy, you need the peculiar concentrated presence of God that generates favour extravaganza. A man of favour can control his circumstances because circumstances shall obey his destiny. Be it known today that without the love of righteousness and your hatred for sin; you cannot demonstrate the power of God. A man of favour does not accept whatever life brings to him. A man of favour is patient with God and man because he has the inner conviction that God will never ever allow His word to drop to the ground unanswered.

The king’s children do not live in lack except they are not in good terms with their father. Do you know that the heaviest load to carry in life is to carry nothing, therefore responsibilities is the prize of favour. It’s amazing that people under the same government as others; people who attend the same fellowship with others but will struggle through life – while others will rise up and do amazingly well and others will not. When you murmur and backbite others, you are exhibiting the character of failure because we know failure by how it criticizes success. A man of favour carries divine unction for breakthrough. “And Leban said to him, ‘Please stay, If I have found favour in your eyes, for I have learned by experience that the Lord has blessed me for your sake” Genesis 30:27. Every word of God you use is barren until faith is applied to it and can produce results.

Prosperity does not begin with money but with the strength of your vision and the favour that heaven has granted you. Boy oh boy, connected people are guaranteed people. A man of favour does not give up until heaven connects him to his divine placement. Therefore, no child of God has financial problem, what he has is idea problem; because no problem can withstand the sustain assault of a creative thinker. Don’t be an accident waiting to happen but desire to acquire favour by telling God tonight, I will never let you go unless you change my story.-to be contd

Dr Uma Ukpai

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