Jesus -The Promise Keeper Part Two

PROMISE KEEPER 2Jesus knew what Peter was going through and yet he did not attend to him until he finished with the crowd. I don’t know how loud and how big your hardship is; Peter was going through the same problem. I am going to bring out a good revelation in Luke 5:3-7. When Jesus saw Peter he did not pray over him, he gave him an instruction of what to do. Everyone here has an instruction of what God want you to do; and God prospers by instruction Prov 16:20. God want you to be more than a conqueror. He said to Peter lower your net; what do we learn from that sentence? Time and again, the things God will ask you to do are the things you don’t want to do.

When I was ministering and schooling in America, I wanted to marry a white girl.  I said to God I have just seen one white beautiful girl who has proposed to me. I said Father; make it your will and God said shut up your mouth, you can’t cope with a white girl. I said to God father; no black woman will love me the way she does. And God ask me what do you know about women. Time and again God will tell you to do some things that contradict commonsense. Why? Because his ways are not our ways; a man who happens to be a lawyer took me to court, claiming that 33 plots of land I bought in 1978 for the ministry and that 2 were his own. I went to God in prayer and God said to me ‘Uma go and hire him to be your lawyer’ I said to God, he took me to court and you want me to hire him and God said yes.

I went to the man and offered to give him any amount of money he will demand. And the man said to me Uma, I did not know that you are also stupid I thought you were only religious. How can you hire me to be your lawyer? I took you to court; I have a plan to jail you. Now you are asking me to be your lawyer. I said to him, Sir, most Christians you know are not very wise and they are also stupid. God chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; be my lawyer. Suddenly he said I will be your lawyer and you be the Judge. So I said to him, I will give you money for four plots of land for the two plots of land that you claimed is yours. He asked me do you have the cash. I gave him the money. He thanked me and left my house, and an hour’s drive from my house, armed robbers stopped him and said to him if you give us money we will not kill you but if you don’t give us, you are as good as dead. The money I gave him, he gave all of them to the armed robbers. He ran back to my house and said Reverend, before God will punish me more, pray for me. He knelt down and cried unto God.

Time and again, God will ask us to do things that don’t make sense to us. Even to forgive those who have wronged us because something in us cries for retaliation. And God said to you forgive that I may forgive you also. Sometimes God can say to you give money and we say God I am looking for money why will I give money. Men and brethren, the ways of God are the pathways to greatness. I don’t know what God is telling or asking you to do today, but he asked Peter to lower his net. It contradicted common sense because the things Peter had gone throughout the night; they combined to frustrate him and confused him. I don’t know how confused you are in your own life. I am looking for those who will say to God, today I will obey you at all cost at any time and at any place.

I said to the white lady who proposed to me two hours after my request from God was denied. We were on our way to a place where we will preach and we missed our way, so I told her please ask the people around for directions the way we do in Nigeria when you can’t find your way. She said to me ‘Uma this is not Africa where you do stupid things; you black people do stupid things. I said what! And you want to marry a stupid man; father let this thing end here and now.

Awesome God! I am looking for those who will say to God anything you command me to do I shall do it. In Prov 1:23, God says if I correct you, if I ask you to sack your boyfriend, to sack your girlfriend, if I ask you to forgive somebody who wronged you, if you obey me, I will pour out my Spirit upon you. And I will grant you revelational insightful prophetic knowledge of the bible. In Gen 22:1-2, every one of us should know that there is what we called the test of faith; every one of us shall be tested. Time and again, God will ask you to give him what you love most.

God told Abraham, sacrificed thy only son whom thou lovest; anything that stand between you and your God is in trouble. When I bought my first car, I love the car so much that I will wash the car inside, outside and under daily. I won’t let anybody touch the car and one day my wife asked me do you know you love this car more than you love God. I told her Madam, I think you are jealous. No, she was not jealous, she was rebuking me. I went to Umuahia Nigeria to service the car and on my way the mechanic forgot to put back the oilseal and as we drove back to Uyo, the engine melted and stop functioning. I walked many hours back to Uyo that night. Anything you love more than you love God; women who love their sons more than you love God; those children need help because nothing stands between you and God and survives the wrath and the jealousy of God.

Jesus died that you may become somebody; whatever will stop you from becoming that somebody must be taking out of your way. He knows your crises, he knows your problems, he knows your affliction, and he knows your sickness. If you are ready to say to God, I will obey you at all cost, at any time; that could be the beginning of the change you have been looking for.

 Dr Uma Ukpai

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