Dr Uma Ukpai -The Efficacy of God’s Favour Part 2


Todays teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

A man of favour is a man that God teaches; he shall not be a failure, shall not die of sickness, shall not die of disgrace, shall not die of reproach, and shall not die of shame. Heaven will grant him prophetic insightful knowledge of God’s word, and show him the covenant platform and his redemption blessing. Heaven will grant him the ability to see the unprotected forehead of his Goliath.

The Efficacy of God’s Favour Part one describes the intent and the context of Favour. Therefore, everyman that is favoured, whom God has given divine wisdom, shall not be an ordinary man. His marriage with poverty and sin is terminated with the encounter with God. Failure to tap favour from God is to be prone to the enemies attack without testimony. A man of favour is not intimidated by his enemies profile; the job card from a witch does not threaten him because he knows that heaven has sent Angels on assignment because of him. A man that God has granted favour, what others die for, what others look for, will always come looking for him. Your background may have affected your life, but if heaven favours; you can rise above it to become unstoppable.

The man that God has favoured is not bothered if Lot may have taken the better part of his blessing like he did to Abraham. Gen 13:14 because any man that will loan the Lord his boat shall be favoured. The scripture says when Jesus met Peter and asks for his boat, there was no Pentecostal sermon. Peter had no fish so why worry about the boat, after the master had used the boat, he addressed the problem. What worries a dead man is not what he has achieved but what he failed to achieve. Not only that favour brought food to the table of Peter, it also made him a partaker of Gods establishment.

The offering you bring to the altar determines the beauty of your destiny, your sacrifice can command the appearance of God and favour will be your reward, there is nothing as awesome, as powerful, as mesmerizing as tantalizing as divine favour. It makes you stand out of the crowd as a stand out Christian with a sweat-less success. My worry and the sad fact is that many Christians had taken the ordinary as the ultimate. We have allowed the devil to collect our life installmentally but continuously and steadily and constantly until we are left with nothing, doing nothing and becoming nothing. A man with uncommon favour is the man whom God has turned his barrenness to abundant fruitfulness and his trials to testimonies; those who mock him shall celebrate him without option of saying no.

I want you to hear me, if people have rejected you; He has interest in you. If you are nobody in the eyes of others; He has interest in you. There is nothing greater than knowing this God . – to be contd

Dr Uma Ukpai

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