The Force Of Your Tongue That Can Produce Miracles

the force of tongue that can produce miraclesI want you to be a prophet to your future by telling yourself that today’s anointing shall turn you into a great captain.

I am going to start a teaching on the Anointing for three Wednesdays on ‘The force of your tongue that can produce miracles’ I will ask God to put a miracle in your mouth. If you will be willing to learn, I will be willing to divulge some of the secrets I know, and the teaching will end on a good note that God will put a miracle in your mouth. If you have no respect for the altar of the Lord and for the presence of God you will go home empty handed. Therefore if you don’t celebrate others nobody will celebrate you.

In these teachings, I want your world to answer to you. I want you to become a creator of your circumstances. There is nothing like overnight success. Overnight success takes 12 years to realise; and miracle is preparation plus opportunity.

When we speak of Anointing, what do we mean?  The book of 1Sam 9:17-20, I want you to take note, I stand here as your prophet and there things God will ask me to do which you may not approve of! There are things God will want me to bring to light. Like today, there are people here who are suffering on account of witchcraft manipulation; they are suffering on account of witches and wizard placing an installation over them. You shall vomit out those things the enemy uses to locate you; and beginning today, they will look for you and not see you.

God spoke to Prophet Samuel; behold I have spoken to you about somebody; this is that somebody. If you come to me and say you are Joshua without Moses, God ask us to go to you, it is definitely not God speaking. It was not Saul that went to Samuel; it was Samuel that went to Saul; it was Elijah who went to Elisha. When I said to people if God want me to mentor you, He will speak to me. Some write to me and says ‘thus says the Lord, pay into our account the sum of 1 million naira and I say to them this is the demon of greed at work. 

Ministry has what we call division of labour, the man that will mentor you, God will speak to him if he will mentor you one -on-one. By coming to our programs and be part of media outreach means God wants me to give you group mentorship. A prophet does not prophesy at will; he prophesy only when God has spoken to him. Some of you push Pastors to give you false prophesies. A man has come to me about 7 times asking me to anoint him to be the Governor of his state and I told him I have no leading just leave me alone. When you understand how God works; we stop harassing Pastors to prophesy over us. Deut 34:9, Joshua had no title, he was not given any assignment to do in the office, he was not call an Evangelist or a Prophet or a Pastor, the bible calls him the man that poured water on the hands of Moses but when the anointing came upon him, sons of Prophets who had mocked him bowed before him. It means when the anointing shall come upon you, those who look down on you, those who talk down on you, shall bow to you.

God told Samuel what Saul’s tomorrow was going to be. Right where you are, I want your circumstances to respond to you. I want you to command your circumstances. I want you to become a creator of your circumstances.

Anointing that we are talking about for the next few weeks is not a commission into the ministry. I was asked to teach it that you may have domineering power over your world. It is not a call to ministry, if you go ahead and mount a billboard, you will find that nothing you say will come to pass. 1 Sam 16:14. Anointing is divine enablement. When it comes upon you, God will cause you to do things you could not have done ordinarily. Tonight, you shall vomit those things that the enemy had used to locate you. You are here on Gods appointment; God wants to turn you into a Captain; a Captain is a ruler, a ruler is a Commander; a Commander can longer be a slave.

It is amazing that Jesus was more than a genius; at the age of 12, he baffles Professors but he could not perform miracles until he was anointed. Luke 4: 1, 14, I hear preachers talk about wilderness to mean suffering, to mean failure, to mean defeat; it does not add up to my own theology. A wilderness is a place you go for transformation and reformation and empowerment. It is not a place where you crawl through life. And I want to declare today that as a child of God, every attempt by the enemy to make you crawl, to make you sick, to make you barren must be resisted. Don’t join those who say God has prepared a place of wilderness for me, a place of crawling, a place of failure, a place of begging and defeat.

Men and brethren, what you believe determine what you become. There are men who carries transferable anointing; men who flourish at old age in ministry; therefore, every rough edge of your life must become straight. Your life must become the amazement to your friends and enemies. Right where you are God will make you master over sickness, master over sin, and master over poverty. The most important is that you will rule over your enemies. There will be unction for your function. Nobody can realise his destiny without the anointing. Joel 2:26

The day Jesus resurrected became the beginning of the day of vengeance. This is the day of the latter rain; by the anointing we shall break each yoke. You shall become an instrument for miracles. God has great plan for every one of you and by this anointing it shall come to fruition.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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