Uyo Convention – ‘BUT’ by Dr Uma Ukpai : Full Message Part 1

Final day of the convention. Teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

The bible says there was a man who occupied a high office and a soldier 2 Kings 5: 1-2. A man who was a great warrior; a man who was a commander of his people’s army; a man that had everything anybody amongst us would like to have; there are people whom you conclude they had no problem; they dress well; they drive high powered cars; they live in a palace; and you conclude they have no problem. I want to announce to you that life has no trouble free zone. Out of five persons you meet everyday four of them have problems.

 dr uma ukpaiThe bible says Naaman was a man that many envied; many were jealous of him; many thought God had favoured him with all the good things of life. Alas! They were wrong. There are diseases that do not show. The bible says he was a leper. Who is a leper? A leper is a social outcast; if a leper proposes to marry your daughter, you will fight like a lion. A leper is the one who cannot sleep with the wife or eat with wife. A leper is the one whose escorts are flies; anywhere he goes the flies would be singing behind him saying this guy is a leper. Have you ever seen lepers on strike; there was a time I ran into them at leper colony in Nigeria. The government sent policemen to quell the strike; all what some of the Lepers did was run towards the policemen with their wounds and the policemen ran away with some abandoning their guns. The lepers were carrying weapons of mass destruction without metal weapon or chemical weapons. That was when I knew that leprosy is a terrible tragedy.

Naaman was a great man, but he was a leper. I don’t know what your own problem is? Yours could be that you look happy on the outside but your wall is collapsing. Today, there shall be a divine intervention. When I speak of miracle, I speak in the context of God suspending the natural laws of life to answer your prayers. Every one of us has a core need that requires Gods attention. In life, any man without problem means God has forgotten him and satan has rejected him. Yours could be in your family that nobody had ever had an uncommon success because there is success and there is what we called an uncommon success. When you come to the family where everybody is struggling; you are likely going to end up as a house boy or a house girl. Beginning today, nobody shall ever be a house boy or a house girl anymore. I don’t know whether you have ever gone to a family where there are so many pretty girls; smashingly, gorgeously, mesmerizingly pretty girls but nobody will ask their hands in marriage. Do you know that you were made pretty that one day one successful man will come to the family through you to wipe away your family’s tears.

It is amazing that a man like Naaman could be a leper. Men and brethren, God does not allow anyone of us to go through life without any problems because those problems will call your attention to God’s presence. Right where you are, you are not alone. You are hearing the word of He that is able to change your lamentation into laughter because the word of God carries both spiritual and physical energy. As you ponder over the word of God, they go through every area of your life and where there is a yoke; that yoke shall be broken, shall be broken. Naaman was a man of mark; a man admired; a man that was celebrated; he was a General. Whatever you are going through; help is already on his way to where you are.

A classmate of mine met me after the Nigerian civil war and I said to her, I am now a preacher; she said I am a wicked man; she said ‘why did God put you in our class; was it not that through you I might know Jesus. Now I have contacted such a terrible incurable venereal disease; you have now come to announce your calling, when I go to hell I will tell God I am in hell because you failed to fulfil your responsibility to me’. She says the disease stinks, drives away men and that people see her beautiful face but when they perceive the order smelling out of my body, they would run away’. Your own problem may be that you have taken an examination more than 10 times and have not passed. Today that chain shall be broken. To be continued..

Dr Uma Ukpai

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