Uyo Miracle Convention- Your Defining Moment by Bishop Mike Okonkwo

uma ukpai bishop okonkwo

uma ukpai bishop okonkwoWe must come to God in clarity of thoughts and with the precision of expression because if there was a time we needed to be loaded with Gods words to stand against all the challenges of life, it is now.

One of the greatest disasters that have enveloped many who say they are Christians is ignorance. When you are ignorant, you are still a cheap thing in the hands of the devil. There is no knew surprise that the devil can pull because our God is in absolute control. Your situation is not a surprise to God. Your condition is not hopeless because Christ in you is the hope of glory as a believer.

As a believer, the scripture says, you are a new species of things that have never existed before. There is no past that the devil can use to abuse you. You have been delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of his dear son. That means you have been empowered to succeed, empowered to overcome and empowered to make it. God deals with us on the arena of grace. So we should not be intimidated going into the presence of God.

Most of the people Jesus blessed were people who seem not to be qualified in the eyes of man but God qualified them. Jesus looks beyond your fault and see what you can become. When Jesus came to Peter, he was frustrated, his expertise had failed him as a fisherman, his work had failed, his timing had failed, his seasoned tools had failed, and grace came to him. Grace entered inside his boat; and changed his story. Peter received grace because grace exposes who you are; and he declared to Jesus, I am a sinner.

Unless God deals with you in grace you can never be free from sin; keeping rules cannot save you from sin neither is your effort. Grace will bring you from the back side to the front line. It will open door for you. Grace will elevate you. Until you see yourself under grace; sin will keep having dominion over you. What do you do when everything turns against you; that is when you need grace. Anytime you come to God based on your qualification; you have disqualified yourself.

You will be surprise that the two people whom Jesus declared as having Great Faith where Gentiles; they did not come on the platform of achievement but on the platform of Grace; the centurion and the Canaanites woman (Matthew 8:10 and Matthew 15:28). They came on the platform of telling Jesus ‘I am helpless please help me’. Grace deals with your past, present and future; wipes out the things that are wrong and positions you to position of influence. Often times we cancel ourselves and declare that things are not working out and God has failed us. But I declare to you that God can never fail. If he has called you, he has a purpose for your life, your future is colorful. You are not going to be a disappointment. You are not going to end in question mark.

Everything turned upside down for Jephthah at his defining moment Judges 10: 17-18. There is a high light of heaven over your life. Some of you see yourself in your business or school and family as just a statistic, just a number without appreciable progress because when you look at your life, you feel you had made mistakes. I announce that your time to pack out of your situation has come. People may not believe in your dream, I beg you, believe in yourself because you are next in line to happen

Bishop Mike Okonkwo

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