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dr uma ukpai

Todays word from Dr Uma Ukpai

dr uma ukpaiThe word miracle means it is beyond the province of the mind. If a man’s power is not from God, it will not last. We argue out of ignorance when we have not gained access into the mysteries of the Bible. Ignorance has no walls, no gate, and no padlock. I cannot have a relationship with the President and live a poor life. Miracle is preparation plus opportunity. A man of no limit is a man who knows the mechanics and the dynamics of imagination. Nothing makes a man a great man than if he is a bank of imagination because whatever his hearts desires will determine what he will become in life. Therefore, there is no limit to a Christian that is empowered by the Holy Spirit; but a man who does not know his calling, cannot live a fulfilled life because the Spirit fertilizes your passion and handwork to generate a resounding and amazingly successful celebrated person. Any man or woman of great imagination should not be counted out.

Where you come from determines the battles you will fight. We must learn how to communicate skilfully and intelligently, knowing well that your mouth is a compass of your life; your mouth is the control room of your life; it is the driver of your car; the pilot of your aircraft and your life goal is in the direction of your mouth. You must doubt your doubt and declare your victory because heaven has declared you a candidate of miracle. God does not do business with people who murmur and grumble; and those people will never reach their Canaan land.

Time has come for you to tell your problems and sorrows to sit down because God has designed you for accomplishment, engineered you for success and endowed you with the seed of greatness. It is also a fact that most of the problems you are currently facing are problems that singing songs to God can solve. Circumstances can tell lies and there are no hopeless situations in life; we only have men who think hopelessly because every circumstance of your life is changeable through faith oriented thoughts.

Finally, No man has a right to decide for you what you want your life to be. Boy oh boy, your thoughts are magnetic, they produce pictures, and they have frequency. No woman can give birth without conception, right where you are; whatever you can conceive in the bowel of your spirit can be yours.

Have you said this prayer that will make you to become a heavenly commander and a person of no limit?

Dear Jesus, I come before you today with a desire to know you. I invite you into my heart to come and fill my life with your love and presence. I believe that you are the son of God and that you died for me on the cross to save me. I give you my heart and my love and I ask you to be the Lord of my life.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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