Covenant of Purpose By Dr Uma Ukpai

Todays teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

dr uma ukapi convenant I will show you how covenants work. A covenant with God can be the beginning of your greatness; it can be the beginning of your unending laughter; it can change the story of your life. We are at the bridge head; those who can cross the bridge will go over to the other side of life. Those who are unable to cross the bridge will remain where they are. It is my prayer that you cross the bridge, and join those that God has promoted already.

I see people who walk like there were dead yesterday and there was nobody to bury them today because they have nothing they are living for. They have not invested their time, their resources, their energy, their creativity to anything that matters to God. Anyone that spends his time for God shall not go empty handed because heaven will single them out for honour, for financial success, for promotion, and for good health. Therefore, when God calls the mighty, may you be included. What others fight for; God shall cause it to come to you cheaply. Anointing can take you to the highest level of life. By that same anointing; whatever you don’t have, shall be given to you today.

A Covenant is something you enter into from time to time. When you have exhausted where you are; you can tell God to bless you with a new beginning; you can tell God I have reached the plateau of the crest show me another mountain; you can say to God I have sat on this mount Horeb for too long I want to pack my sandals and posses my possession; you can say to God I want something new and not what I had been doing all this time.

In Judges 11: 30, Jephthah was asked to do something he had never done before; he was not trained to be a soldier nor a leader or a warrior. He did not expect to be so honoured having come from the wrong side of the road. Amazingly, God does not call those who are qualified, He qualifies those that he calls; and if He has called you to follow him, you may not be qualified to play the role that he wants you to play but this God is ready to prepare the unprepared and use the untrained for greatness. May today be your day of new beginning, your day of doing what you have never done before; when that happens, the story of your life will change.

I don’t know the voice that tells you of your tomorrow; Jacob said to God if you can take me back to my father’s house, I will pay my tithe regularly. The bible says as soon as he made that covenant, he came to what we called stable financial success; a place where he never ran out of money again. Making a covenant of purpose may seem irrelevant in the eyes of others, but it can catapult you to the place of relevance; to the place of honour and a place of promotion; and a place of lifting. Jephthah said to God, whatever that shall come out of my house if I win this battle, I will give it to you if you deliver me from this battle, if you teach my hands to war, if you grant me this miracle and testimony.

Some years ago, I said to God, if you give me a girl who will agree and accept to marry a preacher like me; who will agree and accept to live with me away from my culture; then I shall never hit her; I shall never beat her even if she provokes me to anger; even if she pours water into my ears; I shall just express my anger but I will never lay my finger upon her. It is now 35 years; I have remained faithful to that promise. I am therefore insisting that you enter into a covenant relationship with God.

What is a covenant? A covenant is a solemn promise. A promise that you will make and honour it; a promise that you will not forget; a promise that you will not give excuses; a promise you will make to God and stick to it and honour it.

A covenant is a bond; it is also a formal sealed agreement, or a contract with witnesses that shall never be changed. A covenant is stronger than a promise; a promise is a declaration that you will do or not do certain things but a covenant is solemn agreement that shall be honoured no matter the circumstances. Ecc 5:4-6,

Our God is a covenant keeper, Psalm 89:34. He will honour His own; therefore, you must redeem your own side of the covenant of purpose. When I wanted to travel out of Nigeria so badly; I went to the US embassy for visa and they said my form I-20 had expired. I told them, I have done my send-off already and giving out my things and wave good bye to my friends and enemies. The officer said they cannot help me; I should come back another year. I wept and I said to God if I am granted entry visa to America; if anybody comes to my house and ask for any of my suits; I will give him my best. The day they gave me visa, as soon as I got to Uyo, somebody said to me I have just been given visa to go to America but I have no suit. I told him to go to the wardrobe and take one. My friend went and took my best. I was putting them together for my own trip. I quarrelled with my mind when he left and in the midst of it, he came back and said as soon as he got home, someone else brought a better suit for him. And God ask me when will you honour your side of this covenant. I cried and said to God, give me a second chance. As soon as I got to the park, there was a pastor who lost his suitcase and was crying. I offered the pastor my suit willingly without asking. I challenged you to make a new covenant of purpose because God is about to bless you in a very special way; something that will rattle your family. Our lives must be touched, our destiny enhanced; something must happen to show the watching world that we have just gone to the mountain to have a covenant of purpose with the God of purpose.

 Dr Uma Ukpai

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