dr uma ukpai

Daniel 2:17-18 “Then Daniel went to his house…..that they might seek mercies from the God of heaven…….”

Psalm 1:1 reassures us that, blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly…but his delight is in the law of the Lord’. We know such a man will love God and learn to depend on His guidance. Daniel was such a man. As such, no problem or evil could drown him. When Nebuchadnezzar asked his wise men to interpret his dream, it was only Daniel who got a revelation of what the dream was all about. Knowing how difficult and near impossible this task was, Daniel sought the help of his God. God who never fails His own did help him out because revelation is higher than education.

A sister told me of how her child died mysteriously. She had gone to the village with a healthy child to bury her father but her child died even before her father was buried. Heartbroken she ran into a church, fell on the altar and began to cry unto the Lord. But that day it appeared God had turned His back on her. And her child was buried.

Few weeks afterwards, however, one of those she suspected died mysteriously; others began to panic. They had not been willing to discuss what transpired the night before the baby died. Terrified by the death of their partner in crime, they were now willing to say what had happened; it was a movie of confessions. What makes a man cry is what God has created him to solve. God is on a mission of divine restoration.

Praise God, Daniel and friends became very bold as they discovered that God stood by them even in the land of their captivity. In Daniel chapter 6, Daniel refused to stop praying to his God even when he knew his life might be on the line. The Lord God did not allow the lions to eat him. Meshach, Shedrach and Abednego also refused to bow before Nebuchadnezzar’s statue and were thrown into a burning, fiery furnace. The fire lost its incensing nature and they were visited by a heavenly being. As long as these Hebrews had God as their God, their redeemer and their stronghold, no evil could destroy them. No evil will overcome you today and always if you make God your God and your helper. He will be with you in your going out and in your coming in! Amen

The Lord our God wishes you the best every minute, every hour, every day and all your years here on earth. So his declaration in Psalm 65:11 is not mere lip service. God crowns our year with His goodness and our paths drop fatness. Miracle is God suspending the natural laws of life to answer your prayers. Praise God. We have entered another year where God promises us everything we need to have good success. Heaven trains, sharpens and processes you by the things you pass through in life; and the bigger your challenges the bigger your testimony. That you are born again does not exempt you from the troubles of life and beside, it is not enough to be born again; where is the evidence?

No matter what you went through last year, no matter what the enemy dished out to you in the old year, this new one offers you a fresh start. The will of God cannot lead you to where the grace of God cannot keep you. Some sins may have overwhelmed you; God says in Isaiah 43:25, as long as Jesus poured out His precious blood to atone for those sins, He will not remember them or any other shortcomings. We must adopt the Biafran Slogan, ‘Forward ever, backward never.’ I see God changing your story.

Pastor Mrs P Uma


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