“Genesis 37:6 “And Joseph dreamed a dream and he told it his brethren and they hated him yet the more”.

dream killers photoIn life there are those who subtract us, others who divide us yet those who multiply us. We must be careful whom we associate with. Joseph’s brothers were not the best of brothers. First and foremost they hated him because their father Israel loved him. As such the Bible says, ‘And (they) could not speak peaceably unto him’. I guess these big brothers sought for the least mistake to tongue-lash Joseph.

That should have been a warning to young Joseph to walk with trepidation before his brethren. But unfortunately this young boy like any normal brother decided to share his dream with his brothers. It was bad enough to be preferred above others; it was just too offending to rub it in by dreaming that every one in the family would bow for Joseph. By this one mistake the ‘die was cast.’ Trouble was set into motion that would change the life of Joseph and the family of Israel. What do we learn from this?

First, not all God’s revelations are for public consumption. A sister fasted, asking God to reveal her future husband to her. This God did. She approached a woman in the church and gave her this secret. They said the young man was handsome and rich. Before this sister could say Jack Robinson, the woman introduced her daughter to the man and within months they were married. This sister’s dream of getting married that year was killed. You should be very careful not to share a God-given dream with others. Unless God directs you to do so.

Secondly, really depend on God’s timing. To share your dream prematurely can trigger unfavourable sentiments from people around you. Again note that any God-given dream is a means of bringing God’s blessing to people. Some people cannot see beyond their nose, not to talk of accepting a revelation and seeing God’s hand behind it. Joseph’s brothers did not need to hate Joseph to the extent of planning to kill him. If they could not rejoice with him they should have waited to see what would become of this ‘ambitious young brother.’ But in planning evil against Joseph they set the ball rolling. And Joseph did rule over them. Are you a dream killer? Or do you rejoice with those God has lifted above you. No one can kill a God-given dream. No man can fight God and succeed. Support good dreams and God will enlarge you also.

I Kings 19:3 “And when he (Elijah) saw that, he rose and went for his life.” It may sound ridiculous that Elijah ran from a woman after God enabled him to kill single-handedly, 500 prophets of Baal. Was it this same man who called down fire from heaven-running from a woman! It was and he was also a mere human being that God had chosen to showcase His authority and power. I have discovered that sometimes it is good to be just yourself. You don’t have to pretend you are super human when you are trembling deep inside you. While on earth, Jesus did accept tiredness and slept openly. He also hungered and went looking for fruits to eat. In anger He upturned the tables of the money changers and chased them out with a wipe. It is a living man who has emotions, wrong or right. Don’t say ‘I am okay’ when you are burning with anger. Look for destiny helpers, dream motivators, dream multipliers.

So we may pray for God’s wisdom and protection when we are in tough situations but we must admit our inner struggle. We all battle with fear or one kind of emotions or the other. Do you notice God did not give up on Elijah? Rather He made plans to strengthen and encourage him. He gave him special attention so that he was fed physically and he rested. My husband will always say there is no great man that will not make mistake.

One of our sons in the Lord shared this testimony, as a vibrant youth many years ago. His pastor spoke to him to preach in a village program and he went and memorized the scripture, thinking eloquence is the secret of a preacher, during the preaching, he forgot John 3:16 quotes and after the program one of the church leaders told him, ‘you should never think of preaching’. Our son was so demoralised and went home believing he can never be a good preacher. When he had encountered the power of God, his story changed. Many years later he went to same village and organise a programme that brought 45 churches together, the power of God was so real and many souls were brought into the churches. The story of the church elder has still not changed while our son in the lord travels to many parts of the world with ease, the elder is still in the village.

When Mary was confused about what to do when she heard the voice of Angel telling her she was going to conceive by the Holy Ghost. It was not easy, she will face rejection, and the husband may doubt it and stop the wedding preparation that she cheated on him. So many things were running through her mind until she visited her cousin a dream multiplier, a dream confirmer – Elizabeth, and she told her “And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. Luke 1:45.

In the name that is above every other name, may there be a performance of those things, those visions, those dreams which heaven has revealed to you in 2013.

Pastor Mrs P Uma Ukpai

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