The Secrets of God

In this forum, we shall help you to be a creator of wealth and God will grant you an uncommon success. It is my dream and desire that you will become the light of your family. I am going to show you how you can become the star, the light, the salt of your family. Is there anybody here who wants a change in his or her family? Number one thing I want you to write down, understanding Gods principles would make you a limitless boundless successful person. Number two, only men who have certain qualities can tap into the secret of God. No man can become an uncommon successful person unless God reveals to him the secret of God. I said it last week and I am happy I can speak on that today.

Anybody who comes to this fellowship must not be an ordinary person. What make a man a star, what makes a man light is to become an extra ordinary person. Psalm 25:1. Any man that shall be adequately and sufficiently and fittingly anointed shall have one of the following three qualities. Tonight, I am looking forward to some of you coming out to say ‘Father, I don’t have this gift, I don’t have this qualities. Anything that will offend God must be avoided. David saw Saul where he could have killed him, but he said how can I lay hands on Gods anointed? Nobody was there and the King was sleeping. David had the privilege of killing him but did not kill him.

When you had a chance to slander somebody, to tell a lie against somebody, the fear of God ought to stop you from saying anything ridiculous. When you have nothing good to say about people ‘shut up your mouth and say nothing’. When you make a pledge to give to God pay your vow; there was this day God added up the promises and the pledges I had made across this nation to different churches and God said to me ‘Uma you have only one week to redeem yourself and redeem your pledges ‘A man that owes God is a man who has no respect for God. A man that can beat or harm his wife, that man has no respect for God. A man that can plan to hurt another person has no fear of God. A girl who can sleep with a man who is not her husband has no fear of God. The bible says the secrets of God are reserve for those who fear the lord.

To fear God is a private business you and God. You don’t need people’s approval; you just need to listen to the voice of God. Do I have anybody who will say to God, I don’t really fear you but I want help. Prov 1:23, God will reveal his word to you. There is nothing greater than revelational knowledge of the word of God. There is nothing greater than prophetic insightful knowledge of the word of God. To any man God will reveal his word to; that man has step into what we called high-ways of success. He has become the light of his family; the man who is the light of the family is a show-case or show-piece; he shows his family how that what they thought was impossible is possible. The mountain they could not climb, he will ride those mountains; he will do what no other person has done in the family.

The bible says those that know their God shall do exploits; and to know God is to know his words. The problem is that we have this powerful defensive mechanism inside us; when people say to us ‘you have offended me; we would stand up with an excuse’. Excuse is a mark of weakness; it is a mark of failure; it shows you have not become born again, because every born again child of God is a moral failure confessor. The willingness to admit where you have gone wrong can make your life to be easier, better, greatly anointed. You must ‘choose to live by choice not by chances, to make changes not excuses, to be motivated not manipulative and to excel not compete’.

The bible says when you turn at my reprove; God will pour his spirit upon you. When the bible speaks of Spirits, It speaks in the context and the content of the Anointing of God. And anointing answers every question of life. Anointing solves every problem of life and God will give it to you only when you have agreed where you have gone wrong. Many of us think if we can defend ourselves and confuse others, we think we are great. Psalms 25:12-14 Honesty does not mean to hide what you have done from others, it is admitting where you have gone wrong and ask God to help you. 1 Cor 2: 9, 1 Kings 3:9 -12

The bible says Solomon loved the lord. To love God means to be loyal to him. It is to obey him unconditionally; most importantly to love God is to love his people. You cannot say you are a child of God and love only those from your tribe, from your clan; when I hear of Christians hating people from other parts, I laughed because they don’t know a thing about Christianity. When your mother or friend has an enemy, don’t join them to nurture that enmity because you are a child of God; you must love others unconditionally. The secret of God shall be made known to those who are meek; when we speak of meekness; it is the realization that you are what you are by the grace of God. ‘Every conversion is the story of a blessed defeat’. When a humble man knows he is humble and brags about it; he is no longer humble because the very fact that you know you are humble and it is God that made it possible and you stop taking the credit then God will give you the grace to be a great person. It is very important that you know and operates in God secret; that your troubles may be changed; that your failure may be changed; your lack may be changed. Deut 29:29. Greatness is not free. You must create time and search for the secrets of God. Ask God to reveal to you the secret of wealth, the secret of favour, the secret of Good health and the secret of long life that will place you above others; that will make you a star of your family. May you now become a proof producer and an evidence-based believer.

Dr Uma Ukpai

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