Wednesday Encounter with Daddy Uma Ukpai October 28th, 2015

When you become a born again child of God, you will have power to do the impossible. Isaiah 11:2, Prov 3:14

Marriage is not a union of two people who want to correct each other. It is a union of two selfless people. A marriage where they have two selfish people, it will not work.

God will show you that you cannot go through life without enemies.

Job 33:14-16

God will speak to you through dreams Job 33:14-16. There are people who cannot even dreams and there are people who cannot remember their dreams. I want to announce this night that you are an extraordinary person

Gen 37:5-6 Anything God loves, hell hates, anything God loves, satan hates. When God gives you a dream, satan will oppose it.

Gen 39:7 God speaks to give us direction and give us warnings

God speaks through various means. His communication with you will give you an edge over the world and others

Nehemiah 6:3

“God prospers through instruction. Every promise has an instruction attached to it”

Temptation does not regard age or social status. It’s aim is destruction

Genesis 39:7. Sexual seduction is a plan to make you easily accessible by the enemy. A gift from a seductress is gate to sexual immorality. Don’t accept it

Few hours of broken romance is better than a lifetime of misery. When you leave the world for Christ, burn the bridge behind you.

Aim at what I call intelligent and intentional obedience. Protect yourself.

Gen 20: 6-7. When you are working with God, he can protect you from committing sin.

To be an unbeliever is as good as being an unprotected soldier at the war front

There is a dream for you

“Only Gods dream for you is call divine possibility. It is not what your enemy say about you that matters but what God says. Therefore, avoid those who look down on your dreams.

Jer 1:5.

God shall perform the dream he sent you to actualize

“I want to declare, God has a plan to bring you to a place where your presence shall command attention”

People may look down on you they may talk down on you. That dream in you speaks of your potential, your limitless possibilities Gen 37:6-9

Gen 41:41

We are born into power and baptised into power as believers. You are a child of Power.

My prayer for you tonight is that nothing in this life should discourage you. Number two. You owe yourself happiness, you don’t need anyone to make you happy. Number three. Whatever dream you shall pursue diligently shall come to pass.

Genesis 41:41-43 . It took a while but Joseph ‘s dream surely came to pass

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