Sunday Watch October 25th, 2015

This is your day of sudden breakthrough and business visitation

Psalm 126:1-6 Expect God to supernaturally launch you to a higher business level.

For all committed partners of this commission by sacrifice. I decree your access to your dream land through your sacrifices you have made in this commission. Welcome to your new day. Your land of favour. Receive a harvest of heaven’s honour upon you in Jesus name

We are sure of victory no matter what the devil throws at us. We are winning and more than conquerors.

Every day is Gods day but the day you believe is your day. I declare, may today come out to be your own certain day where the Prophetic mantle will deliver Prophetic order in your life. May you catch your word as you partake in the word. Today shall answer to you in all respect. God will rewrite my story and grant you the head of your Goliath.

What the mouth of the lord has spoken the hand of the Lord has also performed it.

Today is marking your access to your sweatless triumph. This commission is a place of sweatless breakthrough and where testimonies never end. From today testimonies will never end in your own life.

Rom 10:8. Faith is the master key to bringing heaven to the earth.

Receiving the impartation of the Spirit of Faith. MARK 9:23, Heb 11:33-34

All the heroes of scriptures are heroes of Faith

Every heroic act is triggered by Faith. Faith recognises scriptures. You can build your faith from little to great Faith by revelations. Supernatural Faith comes by impartations. Rom 12:3, 2 Cor 4.13. Jude 1 verse 3

Psalm 133:2 The High Priestly office comes with impartations

Eph 2.20, Psalm 45.8

Elisha passionately coveted Elijahs anointing.

If you care to believe, you have the right to return home with the same Spirit of FAITH that is at work in this commission

Heb 4.3. The cardinal proof of supernatural faith is supernatural rest and that is the platform for signs and wonders. Exodus 14:14. You shall be restfully in command from today because the spirit of faith is the end of anxiety. Deut 34:9

Rom 1.11. nothing establishes in the faith like the spirit of faith. Therefore, this day receive the spirit of faith that will put you in command of circumstances. Ezekiel 2:2

Impartation comes by Prophetic word. It enhances and confers on you to believe anything that God is up to. What you believe is what you are empowered to become. It advances your destiny. Therefore, receive today a fresh baptism of the Spirit of Faith

Today must not end an ordinary day in your life

How to access the Spirit of Faith

Number One: Numbers 11:17. God distributes and umpires the mystery of Faith. So we must be properly positioned. The Spirit of Faith makes you see no problem in problems. You despised all oppositions as if they do not exist. You need it because you cant dominate what you don’t despised. Numbers 14:24. Receive the spirit this morning, that will empower to take your promise land.

God speaks according to His size. You must believe God

Number Two: Identify a carrier of the Spirit of Faith because people can only give what they have. Mathew 25:9. Matt10:41, 2 Chronicles 20.20

Number Three: Crave for what he carries. Every release of the Spirit answers to a crave, a task, a panting. Isaiah 55.1, John 7:37-39. It takes a desperation to encounter impartation.

Number Four: Honour your mentors. The Prophet you don’t honour cannot bless you. 2Kings 3:11-12, Prov 27:18. A man that waiteth on his master shall be honoured. Eph 4:11-13. Isaiah 29.13, Mark 6:4-5. Sonship or daughtership to an apostle or a prophet connection is the master key to automatic impartation. When you identify a spiritual father or mother who carries the grace you become a natural partaker of their spiritual DNA Prov 13.22

2 Kings 2:12. 2 Kings 6:21 Prophets and Apostles are spiritual fathers to whom they are sent. Until you receive them so, you cannot be partakers of their inheritance. Malachi 4:5-6

God is restoring the mystery to you today. Acts 24:14. Gen 1.24-25

Believing all things.

You belong to a family of testimonials so you must produce results.

2 Sam 21:16-22. Every Giant is born of Giants. I decree the Giant in you to come alive from today.

There is a giant seed inside of you and the Spirit of faith will cause it to come forth. John 15.5. The Spirit of the mantle is in the mantle of the Prophet.

I decree your reward will be seen by all that ever mocked you. I decree an end to all struggles in your life.