Wednesday Encounter with Daddy Uma Ukpai  December 02, 2015

Don’t take the blessings of God for you for granted. Learn to give testimony.


Increase is a function of wisdom and knowledge. There are people who don’t know what makes others to prosper. The bible says those that turn men into righteousness shall shine like 10000 stars. The Uyo miracle Convention is an investment time and I don’t want you to miss it I WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO HAVE A SUSTAINED FINANCIAL BLESSING. THERE IS A PLACE YOU REACH YOU CANNOT RUN OUT OF MONEY. When you start your redemption journey, God will give you favour and financial blessings. EXODUS 3:21. The emphasis is that you will never go empty handed. You don’t need money to create money, you need Favour, wisdom, knowledge creativity and imagination. Prophesy to yourself. “I shall not go through life empty handed. John 6:3-11 WE SERVE A COMPASSIONATE MEDIATOR. What makes a man cry is what God wants to solve trough him. Our God is equal to every emergency.

The man God will use is the man who will obey the law of surrender. Acts 9:6. What will separate the men from the boys is for you develop your creativity and wisdom and knowledge, How do we increase our finances? We increase our finances by supporting effort to increase the kingdom of God. Matt 19:29. Whatever we give up for the kingdom of God sake shall be given back to you 100 times. Every tither has covering. I kings 3:3-5  Giving increase your creativity, your wisdom and your knowledge

PEOPLE COME TO CHURCH FOR THREE REASONS: THE CHOIR, THE MESSAGE AND THE MIRACLES but By giving an uncommon offering, heaven will bless you with favour and God shall visit you. The gift of wisdom and understanding can explode anyone because wisdom is the commander of financial success. Wisdom is the cause of increase and will promote you. The way you serve a man of God determine the depth of his prayers for you. When you respond to the demand of the kingdom of God, he will give you imagination because we are limited by our imagination. I pray that tonight God will give you creativity to solve problems in your family that others cannot solve. Isaiah 44:26  There are people whatever they say, God will do it.

You cannot say you are my son or my daughter and you go about borrowing. My desire is that God will grant you revelational knowledge and wisdom that places you above others. Exodus 25:2-8 God blesses you that we might bless his Kingdom. When you respond to the demand of the kingdom, you will add colour to your destiny. Everywhere you go, you command attention and no man will ignore you Because God is your father, you cannot be a failure. The interest rate in heaven for giving is recorded in Mark 10:29.30. when you give to God demand this rate of interest.

Every Kingdom of God demand in you is a covenant demand for your increase, a device that God will use to lift you up and promote you. Prov 24:3.5. Whenever God offers you a chance to give, jump at it and you will be highly blessed. Gen 22:1-2, Exodus 35:4. “Increase is a function of wisdom. everyone who is part of our service is part of the Army of God. I decree, no sickness shall molest you. Receive the anointing that will help you fulfil your assignment. Let there be financial miracle. The peculiar concentrated presence of God shall mock anything, anyman any affliction that mocks you Anyone poisoned or charmed, that poison or charm is declared powerless

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