Sunday Watch November 29th, 2015

Let us celebrate Jesus today for bringing us to the last Sunday of November.

Psalm 47:1-9 You are getting your inheritance in full today

As you mark the last Sunday of November 2015, God will set you apart for good and you shall fulfil your destiny.

Every obedience of faith culminates in testimony. Because your case is impossible, that is why God is involved and it shall become a testimony

God is God of overnight turn around. You will become a partaker of the mystery of overnight turn around.

Engaging the wonders of Praise – The concluding part.

The process of seeing prophecies fulfilled is warfare. You must engage in warfare mentality 1 Tim 1:18

Warfare is fighting off all resisting forces. 1 Cor 16:9, 1 Tim 6:12. You are called into a fight of Faith to see what belongs to you come through

The ultimate of victory is God’s intervention. Therefore when God steps in, your battles are over. 2 Chro 20:17, 22. When you offer your praise you commit God into your case. Psalm 99:1 Acts 16:26. Whatever is blocking your access to the full realization of your prophetic word must give way today

Exodus 15:11 Moses and the rest praise their way through the red sea. All your pharaoh pursuing you must drown in that red sea

Testimonies are as potent as the word. You can engage the testimony of people and get yours Psalm 119:111 Testimonies can replicate supernaturally when believed.

Joshua 6:1-20. At the shout of Praise . Psalm 47:1, 5 Every shout of Praise stirs God into action

The louder you shout the greater the manifestation of His engagement. Only serious approach guarantees glorious results. I see God responding to someone’s issues today.