Uyo Miracle Convention- Principles of the Miraculous

John 2: 1-7 God’s ways talks to our principles but His acts talks to our miracles. When all you know are the miracles you are limited but when you know principles you become unlimited. No one can cage you. There is no power that can stop you. You can receive miracles inside a pit. Anywhere they leave you, you will walk out of it. That is why the three Hebrew boys told the King: we are not careful in answering you concerning this matter because the God whom we serve will deliver us.  It takes understanding of principles to speak with such boldness. There is a power getting ready to lift you from that pit: to break you from your past; release you from oppression; set you free from sickness and lift you out of poverty.

ayo oritsejaforJohn 2:2 tells us that Jesus was invited; He was not invited because there was a problem but like a guest. Many people think that it is when you have problem that you serve God or invite him into your life. If Jesus cannot be a part of your life why should He be the solutions to the problems of your life? If Jesus cannot rule over your life why did you want Him to rule over your circumstances? If Jesus is not the foundation of your life why are you begging him to build your life and on what do you want Him to build on? In Matthew 9:2, Jesus spoke to a dying man with stroke ‘be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven you. Most of us will say Oga, this man needs quick prayers, he is dying but if Jesus can deal with the sin issue, there is nothing else He cannot deal with.

Holiness is not necessarily the absence of sin; it is the presence of repentance.  There is no one who will say he has not wrong God but the greatest problem in the house of God is un-confessed sin; sin we refuse to repent of. It is not the sin but it is the fact that we refuse to repent of it. The difference between Saul and David is that when Saul was instructed by God to destroy everything in a battle, He said to God Yes Sir and did the opposite and never acknowledges his sins. In my own opinion David did something worse, he took somebody’s wife, killed the man and married the man’s wife. There was no discussion of did you do and did you not: he accepted his guilt. Have you ever wondered the difference between Judas and Peter? What did Judas do that Peter did not do – the same. Judas denied his master and took 30 pieces of silver; Peter denied the same master three times.

The bible says and there was no more wine. The word wine is symbolic of joy. Jesus commanded them to fill the pots with water. The people were not looking for water but wine. When you obey divine instructions, you attract divine intervention. When there is divine intervention, there will be divine manifestation. Today I challenged what has challenged you. You have cried enough. Whatever stole your joy; heaven will return it to you. There are people who are plotting your downfall but God will use them as stepping stones to lift you up, you are in for a surprise; your weeping is ending here tonight. The miracle that will happen to you today, nobody will be able to explain it because God will remove your shame.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

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