Tomorrow Thinker By Dr Uma Ukpai

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Todays teaching from Dr Uma Ukpai

“Our awesome God is a tomorrow thinker. In the book of Acts Chapter 1, Jesus confirmed what he had said in John 1:12. “But ye shall receive power”. Jesus had you in mind when he made this statement. He wants us to learn how to discover, develop and deploy the gifts of power. He knew that your enemies would be very powerful also, he knew there are bullies who are waiting to humiliate you and harass you, he knew pit had been dug where they want to push you into, he knew you have your own Haman, who had already dug a pit waiting for you to be pushed in there.

He knew there were those who will mock and ridicule you, he knew they were witches in your father’s house, who even when you have left your family will chase you abroad, they are still nursing a grudge against you for no just cause, he knew there are people at your working place who will go any length to make them sack you with accusations that are unimaginable, they don’t want to see you do well and prosper in life.

Jesus knew you will have a child that will be used by satan to torture, to harass and to torment you, he knew that there will be demon that won’t let your marriage function. Jesus knew, but amazingly he was looking at you as an ambassador. And he wants you to be powerful enough to represent him fittingly. He wants you to be ready to face your enemies. He wants you to be equipped to confront your confrontations. Nobody takes care of our tomorrow before we meet our tomorrow. Jesus made long life to be a choice and not a gift as He had taken the key that unlocks every lock of death when he died in Calvary.

You must declare your freedom in an aggressive manner that your trouble is in trouble. It is time for you to command your trouble. Your mouth is the compass of your life, your mouth is the control room of your life; your mouth is the driver of your car. Your life goes in the direction of your mouth. You must say things with a touch of finality, and a hint of conclusion and with a measure of authority.

Trust means everybody may have left you but don’t give up, because to know the word trust is to have the word faith. Therefore, to trust God means you may not see the evidence, but you believe God that it will come to pass. It is time to choose the right attitude even in the face of unpleasant circumstances because your attitude is the archive of your past, the speaker of your present and the prophet of your future. Your attitude reflects your actions. My God will give you a sign and a signal that your life is about to explode. I am not given to flattering but prophetic words. Anyone who wants to doubt anything, the best bet is to doubt your doubt. Is there anyone close to breakthrough that the demon had stopped? Tonight the demon shall walk out of your body”

Dr Uma Ukpai

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