Daily Devotion April 11th 2013

Your condition may have lasted but it is not everlasting; change is coming

John 11:1-45, Exodus 3:1-10, 1 John 3:8, John 9:3

Lazarus family were the beloved, they were favoured, they were cherished but got disappointment when their son, their brother, their hope for a family extension was sick for many days and the Master they cared for and cared for them did not honour their invitation.

Jesus wanted to pay them back for all the care, God does not owe any man, he wanted to take care of the surrounding problems, sometimes we are loved by God and he just doesn’t show up when we think we need him the most. Lazarus was dead, meaning the problem was multiplied.

Sometimes in the midst of solving one problem, another comes up and another, and we become totally discouraged, that was the picture of the dead. To man, I am finished but to God I have just started; to man, I am now the laughing stock but to God men shall celebrate you when they see the miracles; to man the problem has lasted, even your enemies feel you are wasting time calling on him, because they are alive, they are richer, they are more educated and they see you the way they saw Lazarus; dead but Jesus said, we are going to change his story. Change has come!

Dr C.I

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If you have you been blessed by this message? Click HERE