Testimonies and Prophetic Declaration by Dr. C.I

Say with me

I believe and confess, let every destiny quencher sitting upon my destiny and every demonic attack, erected to keep my destiny in the valley affecting my finance, my relationship, my fruitfulness, my career, I decree, be shattered to pieces in the name of Jesus. Let every problem confronting me right now receive divine interruption; no health problem will run its course; the challenges in my family, marriage, career, business, will continue NO more. Father God, by your divine presence in my life and by the unction of this commission, truncates every satanic conspiracy against me and my family. The four corners of the earth shall give room for my expansion and elevation. I declare, inside me is a treasure because my life and my hand is now anointed, seasoned with favour to make generational impact in Jesus’ powerful name I pray, Amen.

Jesus said ‘He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father’ John 14:12. That means you are called to do the extraordinary because the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. You can take charge of your destiny

Sometime ago, at Fegge, Onitsha in Nigeria, I met a naked mad man and God told me to stop him and pray for him. After the prayer his senses came back and he said the day he wore a ring was the day he became mad. Crowd gathered and helped him and sent him back to his state in Imo. Today, I declare, any material used to cage you, knowingly or unknowingly shall catch fire. You shall recover all

A woman wrote us and said to me, I have had miscarriage everytime and I need a child. I am going to give God all my life savings. I thought it was a joke until she sends 2 million to the ministry account. We prayed for her and I published her prayer point. 3 months she wrote that she got pregnant that same week. Your own miracle shall come forth

Praying at night is very powerful. During my university days, the street I lived had a known confrontational wizard. One day he came to see me in the day and said that anytime I pray in the night, I disrupt the witches meetings and they don’t come to see him again. I told him, I will now increase in praying everytime at night between the hours of 12am and 2am. The scripture says, thou shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass (Job 22:28). Any witch or wizard in your street shall relocate. I see them packing out in a hurry because of the fire of God in your life.

A known native doctor opposite my parent’s house was used to harass everyone. I came back from school and when he saw me, he lifted his hands to touch my head but I spoke in tongues and his hands got suspended. The scripture says touch not my anointed and do my Prophet no harm (1 Chronicles 16:22, Psalm 105:15). Therefore, any native doctor sent to harass you is in trouble because God shall trouble your trouble.

Friends, how you know God is with you is during challenges. If you don’t have problems, you will not have promotion. It gives you assurance that you are not wasting time serving God. It also gives you hope that God is your father and ready to answer you. A lecturer failed me in a common workshop course for 3 years. The course was just 1 point and he did same for all others who are believers. In my last year at school, I took the microphone and declared in the fellowship of believers that God will now fight for us. First the man got stroke. From his sick bed, he continued to monitor us and refused to hand the course over to another lecturer. I pray what I called ‘naked’ prayer. A prayer you pray sweating like Jesus at gate Gethsemane, with only your night wear. And God came down. He died because he was stubborn and refused to repent. The day I took the final exam, I was made an invigilator in the same course I was taken. I graduated peacefully. I declare, all those who are busy harassing you, hold on to God, you will see them no more

I was given an admission in a foreign land to pursue my goal as a Preacher in a bible school. I happily went to my mum who took me to one of my Uncles. After much persuasion from my mum he gave me a bank statement that was in two parts with account balance of only 200,000 naira. I was excited but never knew that the embassy will deny my application because sponsors ought to have millions in the account. At 2 am on the day I was to visit the embassy, I had an Angelic visitation in my room, I was told to sit down and to bring out the bank statement detached it. The first was total of 1.2 million and the second was Grand total of 200,000 naira. The voice said to me, take the ‘Total to the embassy’. I took it to the embassy and they gave me resident visa in 2 weeks. I went back to my uncle with my visa, a bottle of wine and my mum to thank him. He said to me ‘Boy when I gave you that statement, I gave knowing you will be denied but this prove that you serve a living God. Please it is your God that gave you that visa and not me’ I declare to someone in this forum, your God will arise and do things no man can do for you

Friends, skills are good but when you allow God to use those skills, you will become a champion. The first time my local Pastor said I should preach in a village street program organised by our local church. I was very excited, went and read bible as if I was going to take an examination. During the preaching, I forgot the content of John 3:16 due to panic. One Spirit filled brother, said to my hearing that preaching is not meant for people like me. I felt discouraged and went back to God. I said to God, if you don’t anoint me, I will not preach again. Few years after, I hosted a city crusade in same village, bringing 40 churches together, travelled out of the country hosting programmes. When the brother who is still in the village finally saw me, he said your boys have not granted me access to see you; that I should not forget how he helped to make me a Preacher. I only said Amen. Therefore, I decree, anyone who has said you were useless, good for nothing, can’t make it in life or in your career has lied. You will bounce back

Friends, have been in a fire for fire mood that when demons see you, they run away. When your mockers or other people will conclude you have also gone crazy. I had an encounter with God and after prayers, I saw a man who was crazy and was chasing everyone away in the market, I ran to him in the name of Jesus and I was saying come and be delivered and the crazy man ran away.

Friends, beware not to fall for the tricks of the devil. When I was growing up, my dad was a Professional gambler. Every Friday night I was the one going to check the result for him or help to send in the bet. One day, I met a mad man dressed in rags on the street and he gave me numbers to play. I took my savings and played, I did not tell anyone but when the result came out, the whole numbers entered and I told my dad who was furious that I did not share the number with him. The devil was trying to initiate me into gambling and was almost succeeding until I met Christ. The yoke of luck was broken. Recently I remembered, going to eat in a restaurant abroad and they had three dice at the entrance. The rule was for every customer to throw it and when it comes out same numbers, you will get free food. My wife beckon on me to throw, I reluctantly did and three numbers 5,5,5 came out. The eye of the white lady opened. No one has claimed free meal except me since they started the promo. We ate free and cleaned our mouth. God converted luck to favour. I decree, every initiation that will kill you or your dream is cancelled. God shall elevate you to favour status.

My in-law called me the other day and said, I should help a friend to come to Europe. My first question was, what is the motive, he said let him come to ‘hussle’ that means anything goes even if he is to carry drugs or wash toilets. I told him, such people will land us in problem. Travelling abroad is not the answer to a life of misfortune. Some people believe if they go abroad, all their problems have come to an end. It is a lie. The fact is, the demon chasing you changes baton to international demons and your struggles continues. It is a relay. Face your dreams and win the village battle before dreaming of conquering the city. What you don’t confront, you cannot conquer. Your help does not come from Abroad but from Above. Psalm 121:2. Therefore, I declare, your problem shall become your promotion.

Many years ago, I was asked to go and raise money for our fellowship at the University in a local church. I was excited and ready to talk and God spoke to me that I should not raise money but pray without laying hands for people in the church. I told them what God said, raise a song as our Father in the Lord had taught us and I saw with my eyes open. More than half of the women rolling on the floor and moving like snakes. That was my first encounter of marine spirits in operation. After that programme the church membership doubled. Therefore, I declare, whosoever was sent to harass you or any members of your family shall manifest and confess at your appearance.

When I was a child, I was constantly sick and one spiritualist told my mum never to give me Okro soup to eat. I was told that when they stop making okro soup, I became well. And because of me, the whole family stopped eating the soup. When I got born again, that was the first yoke that was broken. And I went straight to eat a well-prepared Okro soup and till date, I am healed from such demonic attack. See, when the devil wants to present you with facts, tell him the truth. You are healed, you are not poor, you shall be fruitful and because Jesus was not defeated, you shall not be defeated. Anyone under such bondage, is now declared free in Jesus name.

Friends, after my first degree in Electronics and Computer engineering, I went for Youth service (NYSC). I was posted to serve in the Federal Girls technical college at Uyo, I arrived the placement place and I discovered that I will only be taken the students on one course and in one day of the week. The school was on holidays and I moved back to the Christian Corpers fellowship lodge. My friend was rejected in his own primary assignment. I told him, let’s go and see Daddy Uma Ukpai and maybe you will serve there. We visited Papa on a Wednesday, and they told him two corpers are here to see you and one read Computer engineering and the other Fine arts. So he came out from his office and said to me I want you to serve here. I told him, I am not the one looking for a place to serve but my friend. He said to me, I choose people that work with me and you are chosen. I said on two conditions, I will maintain my service place at the school on Mondays and work all other days at the ministry Computer systems, Number two, he should allow my friend to serve at the ministry. He said, done deal. And he said, I have two bedroom flat for you because God told me you will be coming and I have to make arrangement. He gave us transport and feeding money to go and come back to the evening fellowship. I have remained under his leadership and have seen miracles happen time and again without numbers. I declare to someone here, you are next to be located by your destiny helpers.

Friends, I have an uncle who enjoys to see my family in pain. Serious EP (ENEMY OF PROGRESS) The funny part of it is that when we gather and start praying, he will stay in his own house and raised a song at same time to counter whatever we are doing. My mum went and borrowed to send us all to school but this Uncle sold our lands and end up in beer parlour. Now no more land to sell. God has established us and his children are nobody. I decree, whoever that is in your life or family lineage parading as an enemy of progress shall see you prosper.

Say with me

I declare and confess, beginning today, I shall run into intended blessings, kingly favours, promotions, approvals, overgenerous preferential treatment, gifts, awards, recognition, grants, un-explainable pardons, support, awe-inspiring advancements, approvals, ridiculous acts of kindness, plentiful rewards, favourable judgment, instant cancellation of debts, maximum benefits, extended courtesies, exceptional service, zealous assistance, devoted confidants, dedicated friendships, committed suppliers, enthusiastic promoters of my destiny, considerable advantages, surprising considerations, masterful reinforcements, and everything assigned to meet me on my journey of destiny in Jesus’ powerful name I pray, Amen

Written By Dr. C.I.

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