Sunday Watch November 1st, 2015

Welcome to your season of abundance.

When you engage in praise, you invoke the Fulfilment of the prophetic statement concerning you. Therefore, Praise triggers the fulfilment of prophecy.

Some amazing things must drop for you this month. Whatever remains for your 1000 blessings to be actualised must drop for you this month. Expect this month to be your total fulfilment of prophecy in the name of Jesus.

The Lord will appear to you by his word.

‘Engaging the wonders of Praise’

The process of seeing prophecies fulfilled is warfare. A tireless engagement in kingdom advancement endeavours is vital in this warfare. Abraham was actively engaging until Isaac came. Strong in faith and obeying every instruction and giving glory to God, not blaming God.

Gen 22:18. He remained tied to God. Tireless in Gods engagement. And Giving glory to God. When your word comes, your struggles come to an end. No prophecy will come to fulfilment in your depressed state or pointing accusing fingers to God. Matt 11:6 , Matt 24:46

Lift up your hand Heb 12:13. Many are down and out because they have surrendered long ago. You better bounce back. You have struggle enough, understand the protocols.

Committed, dedicated and actively engaging with God and with Kingdom matters will bring prophecies to past in your life.

“And the Lord brought us forth out of Egypt with a mighty hand, and with an outstretched arm, and with great terribleness, and with signs, and with wonders” Deut 26:8

Gen 15:13-15.

Every prophetic word attracts spiritual opposition from hell. Deut 2:24

But Gods plan cannot be kill. But God comes through Praise. You cannot Pray God down but you can only Praise him down. You cant fast him down. Acts 16:25,

 As God comes down, that long issue will be turned to a testimony. Every opposition to your fulfilling your divine agenda will find their way out.

 When God came down opposition gave up. Your God will come down (2 Chronicles 20:22). Prophecy came down and gallantly fulfilled on the platform of Praise. God is not behind any delay that you are suffering it is the opposition from the powers of hell. But that must give way this day. Joshua 6:20

All high praisers are sweatless overcomers. Today at the shout of Praise you will enter into your victory. When you are due you will not be denied. When your cloud is full, your rain will fall Gal 6:9. Ecc 11:3. This month I declare, your rain must fall. Your due season must be this month.

Like a dream of the night, before this month is over, everything remaining for your prophetic pronouncement to be fulfilled shall be fully delivered to you completely