Wednesday Encounter with Daddy Uma Ukpai November 4th, 2015

A word of prophesy for you tonight. Declare tonight, I am not a biological accident. I was created on purpose for a purpose and that Purpose shall be fulfilled. No witch no wizard shall stop me.

 We have too many enemies but if you take my advice and counsel, no demon will stop you. You are on your way to heaven, God wants you to have a life of great distinction. When people look down on you, don’t look down on yourself.

 Anyone that has God has his God shall be unstoppable.

 Numbers 12:6 The closer you are to God, the more God will use dream to instruct you. God will use your dream to warn you, instruct you and prepare you for greatness. Job 33:14. Information put a man ahead of others. It makes you to see what others cannot see. God knows what information can do for you.

John 10:27

Wisdom has only one profit, it gives you direction. Ecc10:10. God prospers by instruction.

 Job 33:15-16. May God open your ears when you sleep and seal it with instruction.

 Gods foolishness is more than your wisdom, time and again we make mistakes and make wrong choices but God will use dreams to show you. I want to declare, wherever you have come from, God want you to become the main man of that family. Job 7:13-14

 Satan wants to rule your dreams to confuse you and to push you out of the tract that God has place for you. My prayer for you is that when satan has spoken may God also speak to you

How do we stop bad dream

      1 Don’t watch violent film, pornography or unedifying films

  1. Don’t overfeed yourself at night
  2. Make peace with God if you sin before you go to bed
  3. If you quarrel with someone, forgive. Purify your mind
  4. Every dream is subject to judgement. Therefore, Sanctify the atmosphere with a good song


God has promise to help you sleep peacefully Numbers 6:24-26

Gen 48:14-16- God will protect you. I want to prophesy to you, God will keep you.

There are times you go to bed and the enemy will not allow you to sleep. You must fight back. Isaiah 26:3. Read the bible allowed and you will overcome the forces around you

1Thess 5:23 You are a spirit being.

God will use dreams to announce you to your enemies who you are. Gen 20:3-7, 14. I want to announce whatever the enemy has taken from you shall be returned

Because you have a relationship with God all obstacles shall be dismantled

Deut 1:10-11 God has multiplied me 1000 times more than I am today.

Prov 3:24 My spirit will be in comfortable place

Prov 33:16 every promise God has made, he gives an instruction attached to it.

From this night henceforth, don’t give offering, give seed faith. Give an assignment to your offering. Assign an assignment to every of your offering.


Job 36:11. If you obey God and serve God. When you have favour with God, you will be at peace with your enemies.

Try and bless someone every time. When you ask for change everytime, You are asking poverty to continue as your companion. This night the forces behind your setback shall be dismantled. God has already multiplied you 1000 times more than what you can see today

Gen. 20:22-23.

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