Sunday Watch Sept. 24th, 2017

Welcome to our financial fortune banquet. Appreciate God and place a demand on God that it shall be your financial day of turnaround. You will receive a word that will make it happen beginning this last Sunday of September. Psalm 112:1-10. I announce wealth and riches shall dwell in your house.

Psalm 150:6. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Whatever you are thanking God for today shall be preserved. Your seed shall return a miraclefold as you sow it.

Let the word of God locate you today. God send a word to Jacob, it transformed into a nation. If you obey prophetic instruction you will have a story of blessings to tell. Be blessed by the word of the lord today.

When you obey the word, you receive marvellous light to live marvellous life. John 1:5. By the Spirit of the Lord no one will leave any form of debt for his children.

“Gate way to supernatural breakthroughs.

Two ways to accessing our inheritance spiritual and physical Isaiah 34:16, James 2:18. There is work before faith can deliver. Hosea 4:6, Joshua 1:8,

Spiritual step: The force of Love. It takes a heart for God to make our mark in life. 1 Cor 2:9, every true lover is ordained a pacesetter, a trailblazer. A pathfinder. 1 Sam 18:6-7. David ended up a high flier. Rom 10:12, Deut 28:1-13, John 21:17. Gods love demands proof. it is not theoretical.

Prove it by your investment in the kingdom. Loving what God loves most. John 3:16. Psalm 34:10. You will never lack any good thing anymore in your life. 1 John 4:16. When you are filed with revelation and the practise with all the fullness of God, you cannot be stop. The more filled we are, the more breakthrough we command in life Eph 3:17-19. Whatever cant stop God cannot stop you

1 Cor 13:2. Nothings works without love. No anointing works without love and nothing works beyond your love level for God. Rom 8:28. Gal 5:6, Matt 9:29. Your love determines what your faith can deliver. Please engage the virtue of love.

A required practical step: the force of sacrifice: there is nothing extraordinary on its own, it is our extraordinary input that made it so. There is no star without a scar and the scar of every star is sacrifice.  People stop at diligence but it takes sacrifice that makes the star. Heb 12:12-13. If you must make an outstanding mark you must be willing to pay an outstanding price. True sacrifice will turn an ordinary man to a generational celebrity. To see what you have never seen before, you must be willing to do what you have never done before. Amos 6:1

No record breaker lives a normal life. No record breaker runs a normal schedule. Wake up, there is a giant in you. The world is waiting for you, you shall not disappoint destiny Luke 12:49-50, 1 Cor 15:31. I pray that the baptism required for the giant in you to come alive come upon you today,

On this financial fortune banquet. 2 kings 2:9-10. Focus absolutely on the anointing of this commission. The blessings of the lord is the gateway to a world of financial fortune. Prov 10:22. The blessings of god of what you have that turns into a fortune.

Malachi 4:1-2, today God is changing your story forever. We are illuminated to dominate our financial misfortune. In the name of Jesus, your noiseless obedience will confer noiseless dominion in your life. You will dominate your circumstances. Welcome to your realm of noiseless breakthrough in life.

The law of seed time and harvest is required for financial fortune. Deut 8:18-22. God covenant delivers on Gods terms. To take God for granted is to be grounded. Psalm 96:8.

If you genuinely thank God for past month you have secured your future month

Seven keys for a world of financial fortune

  1. Be spiritually minded. Don’t cut corners. 3 John 1:2.  Your practical prosperity will never exceed your spiritual prosperity. No lie be godly. 1 Tim 4:8. Acts 20:32
  2. Engage In covenant practice. Gen 8:22, Jer 33:20-21, it is a reliable. Gal 6:7. Giving is the anchor to a world of financial fortune. I decree, giving grace to come upon you afresh. You can be a prayer warrior and still be a pauper. Deut 33:25-26. You must develop yourself to enjoy giving. Tithing is the first demand from God. Malachi 3:6-10 and the master key for a world of financial practise. I pray for the doing grace to come upon you afresh. No reason is strong enough for disobedience. Revelation without obedience is equal to frustration. Lev 27:30, Gen 4:19-20, John 8:39, Gen 24:1. Number two priority of giving is our offering. Deut 16:17. Your consistent obedience will transform you. Jer 17:6. Mark 12:41-44. It is not about volume but what it cost you. Number three priority for giving: Kingdom promotion investment. Matt 25:40.
  3. Walk in financial integrity Job 22:21-25, let your business be mark with integrity, it may be slow but it will make mark. You wont end your journey as a fool. Financial fortune demands integrity to access and to sustain. If you know God you will do exploits. I grace for sustainable integrity, receive it now in Jesus name
  4. Be committed to be a blessing. Gen 12:2. Your capacity defines the limit of Gods blessings. Keep thinking blessing of others. If you enlarge kingdom dream you enlarge your blessings. Think God, think others. Think his kingdom, you will never go down for life. God cannot bless you beyond your capacity to be a blessing. God cant bless you beyond your readiness to be a blessing. Every financial misfortune is over in your life today.
  5. Continue to be divinely guarded. Isaiah 48:21
  6. Continue to speak right.
  7. Keep rejoicing so you don’t lose your harvest.