Sunday Watch Sept. 17th, 2017

Today is covenant day of Breaking generational curses

Psalm 124:1-8. Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.

Your engagement will result in supernatural advancement in all areas of your life.

I shall be more than conquerors in my journey in life. Today will mark the turning point in your life because every curse of the wicked shall be revoked.

Gateway to supernatural breakthrough. Part three. God has ordained us for the mountain top. We are pacesetters, trailblazers. Mat 11.11. You carry more than any old testament prophets. John 14:12. Jesus said you are loaded in redemption. We carry a no limit destiny. In the name of Jesus you will fully actualise your own heritage. You are among those that will be envied. Your business, profession will storm the world.
You are redeemed to be a person of attraction.

Psalm 45:3-5 , we rise by the depth of the inside you are operating in. Everything standing on the way of our destiny shall be under a curse today.

Acts 2:38. There is no careless statement in the scriptures. Matt 3:15. Get baptised in water after you are save.

Spiritual and practical requirement for commanding breakthrough.

The force of faith and the force of diligence  James 2:18, 26 Heb 11:33-34. There are people here that will subdue kingdoms and nations.

Isaiah 53:1 faith taps into divine capacity to deliver. Believing what God said and running with it. Built by the hand of God provoked by the faith of men. Rom 12:3. What you do with your faith determines what your faith delivers 2 Thess 1:3, Mark 9:23. We need to build our faith to march any task. If you don’t build your faith your faith will be dormant.

How do I build my faith?

Four ways to build your faith is the only way to remain in command

  1. Read the word Rom 10:17. Study the word: you study to make discovery 2 Tim 2:15
  2. Pray to access the revelation Psalm 119:18.
  3. Engage the force of prayer and fighting Isaiah 55 :6-10
  4. Pray in the Holyghost Jude 1:20

Faith is in degrees. Mark 4.40. You cannot be cage when you engage the capacity of faith. your career will not crash.

You will not be branded a failure. The authority of every believer is in his tongue, his mouth. Mark 11:23. Faith has no plan B. James 1 :7-8. Dan 3:17. -18. Whatever God has spoken concerning you this year shall be fully delivered.

Build your faith and keep building it until

Force of diligence.. Hard work is not an enemy of faith. It is giving expression to your faith. No idle man has a future. Your future is a function of your labour. In your labour lies your future. Prov 22:29. Every mortal man is temporal but engaging with the truth creates your future.

There is no substitute for hard work in a quest to command breakthrough. John 9:4 , John 3:14. There is no anointing substitute for hardwork. John 5:17 1 Cor 15.10, if you are not a worker, you end up a loser. Heb 12 :13. Ecc 9:10. Every output is a function of input. Only hard workers become high flyers Prov 12:24. Prov 13:11. Hard work adds colour to your life. Engage with your task and with your God.

We work to stay alive. Ecc 10:18 and avoid decadence. 1 Thess 4:11. What you do today will determine the beauty of your tomorrow. No one here will suffer in his later days. Gen 26:25. Creative engagement, new approach after the order of your God to all you do. John 8:39. Gal 3:29. You are ordained to impact your world Gen 22:18

Rom 2:28-29. I am a seed of Abraham. The Jewish blood in you by redemption shall begin to find expression. Your life will not end in a corner. Where you are now is a stepping stone to where God is taking you to. There is no substitute for hard work but hard life to give the whole of me for every task.

Breaking of generational curses. Friend, Curses are real but by redemption every child of God is uncursable. Gal 3.13. Deut 28:14-. Numbers 23:8. Redemption brings you under the blessings of the lord. Acts 3:26. Every curse ravaging your life is illegal, it must leave you alone. Curse of frustration, untimely death, failure, sickness must leave you today. Every form of curse generational, diabolical drops off you today. Numbers 23:23. The finger of the wicked drops off your life today.

Curses are generational in nature. Exodus 20:4-5. Whatever you have inherited from your parents, that curse is broken in your life. There is a curse of abortion of project. Therefore, whatever represent a curse in any department of your life is declared broken today.  John 11:39. Today you will see the glory of God. God has reposition you above all curses. I declare, you are free because God will establish your liberty from today 2 Cor 5:17. Everything shall become new for you today.

1 Chro 4.10. cry out like Jabez. Your enemy shall turn back Psalm 56:9, as you cry out today, God will rescue you today from the curses of the wicked. All satanic curse are quenchable 1 Tim 6:12.  Eph 6:16.

Begin to make declaration of faith. Mark 11:23. Plead the blood of Jesus. Zech 9:11-12. You are getting your blessings back in doubles. What you don’t resist has the right to remain. What you don’t confront you cant conquer. Every curse of financial struggle comes to an end in your life today.

Serving God and the interest of his kingdom is a way to activate the blessings of God. Exodus 23:25-26. Your blessings are secured from curses. Keep serving Jesus it secures your life against all curses. Numbers 23:20- when God blesses no devil changes it. Job 36:11. As a partner of this commission, I declare, you are uncursable. Gen 12:3. Keep serving God, anyone that attempt to curse you, God will curse them. I congratulate you because the end has come to all the troubles in your life.