Sunday Watch Oct. 1st, 2017

Sunday Watch Oct. 1st, 2017

Welcome to covenant day of marital breakthrough

We are ordained for exploits. Heb 11:1-2-22, 32-34

The Spirit of faith is the maker of heroes in the kingdom 2 Cor 4:13.

What is unique about the spirit of faith is that it is a speaking force and responds spontaneously to challenges. 1 Sam 17:46. Faith speaks the unspeakable. Dan 3:17. The words set the pace for their victory. It does not plan what to say, it says it through you.

It is a driving force. Heb 11:7. It moves its carrier in the direction of what you believe. It is God confident force. It settles you on issues counting on God of all possibilities. There is no plan b. Rom 4:20. It cannot be defeated in any battle. So today, ask God to endue you with the spirit of faith that makes men conquerors

“Many of us have lost so much ground to the devil because we analyse for God without obeying his word. The spirit of Faith is not there and you get so easily defeated in battle. Receive ye afresh the baptism of the spirit of Faith. The last battle you lost is the last you will ever lose. If your faith is intact Gods faithfulness will remain at work. Whatever you truly believe commits God to perform. from today, battle at work, in your business, finances, i declare them won in the name of Jesus

The Spirit of Faith puts you at rest in the midst of the storm.

“In this covenant day of marital breakthrough. Hear this,

Behind every crisis in life is the operation of the wicked one. 2 Pet 1:3, Matt 7:11. Every good thing is our entitlement in life. Psalm 68:6. Malachi 3:6. Every child of God is entitled to be settled maritally. I decree, every chain that may have held down your marital destiny is shattered today. Any form of confusion is out of any family here in the name of Jesus”
Marriage is a good thing. Serving God entitles you to honour. John 12:26. Therefore, I decree the honour of marriage bestow on you today. Every force holding down any marriage is declared shattered. Psalm 102:13-15. Everyone that is out for kingdom advancement endeavours is entitled to divine favour. I decree, you are favoured. Psalm 5:12. The barriers on your marital path for those set to marry are declared cleared. Heb 2.3.

I decree an end to every marital battle. Num 23:23. Every spell is overthrown. Gal 3:13-14. Malachi 3:6. God gave Isaac a wife speedily, I decree your speedy settlement today. Before the year is over, your situation shall become a testimony. Eph 2:6. Eph 1:20-21. The forces holding you bound, you are far above them. Declare, Enough is enough. God has ordained my settlement for today. All forces of unsettlement lose your grip on my life in the name of Jesus. Luke 10:19. Your case is settled. Mark 11:23. Today address every unsettled area of your life. 1 Pet 5:10 Speak to your situation. My era of unsettlement is over. I am settled finally today. 1 Sam 1:17 the siege over your marital unsettlement is over today.

In the name of Jesus I command your final escape from today and your turn around testimony of your settlement is released this moment.

Write down in the comment when you want to get married. And let God settle you. I declare, you are next in line for settlement in every area of your life

Whatever you have received and believed, you are empowered to become. The date you have written for your desired settlement is declared confirmed. I decree divine contacts in the next seven days. The forces against your settlement are now overthrown. This month every of your mockers will know that your case is different. Please engage with your prayer altar and partnership seeds, God is counting your investment. You will not disappoint destiny