Sunday Watch Sept. 10th, 2017

Covenant Day of Business Breakthrough Banquet.

Thanksgiving to God is an application for more miracles. Father we thank you and we communicate our expectations to you today, send your word to settle us. We receive net breaking encounters this morning in this covenant day of business breakthrough banquet.

Psalm 126:1-6. They that sow in tears shall soon reap with joy. Your engagement will result in supernatural increase in all areas of your life. Your labour shall be divinely rewarded

Stay focussed on any task. Stay diligent and you are on your way to the top. There are practical things to observe. You need capacity in your field to excel. Why many businesses are down is because there is no capacity, no development

Matthew 25:15. There is always a spiritual and practical requirement

The force of divine direction. The greatest names in bible history are people that are divinely led. Gen 12:2-4 Abraham was openly guarded into greatness. Not every open door is Gods door. Gen 22:17. When you follow Gods direction, he secures your present, future and guarantee your posterity. It is to step into a world of breakthroughs. Isaiah 48:21. We need divine direction now.

We need to be guarded to where our blessings are. Psalm 23:4. As long as you allowed God to keep leading you. Deut 32:12. You will never crash. When you miss the steps you miss it. I announce you wont miss your steps again. The good news is this, God is turning your challenges into testimonies. Allow him to lead you. It also includes you increasing under your Prophet. Jer 3:15-16

How connected you are to obeying God in your God ordain platform determines your speed of delivery. You can kill your cloud with your mouth. Don’t be weary. Your labour will not be wasted. Your scriptural practice will not be wasted, your engagement with God will not be wasted Gal 6:9. 2 Sam 7:10, Deut 12:13-14

It is not unscriptural to be challenged, it is unscriptural to be defeated.

The force of self-discipline. Ecc 10:5. 16-17. What can take a Prince down. 1. Lack of direction, 2. Indiscipline. What is self discipline. Operating as demanded, not as convenient in the pursuit of ones mission on earth. 1 Cor 6:12. Television is a distraction of my thinking structure. Steals my time. By stealing my time, it is stealing my life. There is no free lunch in life. Discipline procures your victory and changes your story. 1 Cor 10:23. Life is a product of choices’

Eph 5:16, rescue your time, Col 4:5 there are many time robbers who come as friends. The quality of your time is what determine the quality of your life.

Discipline is been focus on ones pursuit in life. ! Tess 4:11 Song of Solomon 1:6. Black is not about colour but about attitude. 1 kings 20:40. Subscribing to specific demand to finish a desired task is discipline.

Business breakthrough banquet

Obedience is the master key to a world of unlimited breakthrough Deut 28:1-13. Phi 2:8- 9. Jesus is exalted base on obedience. Luke 5:3-6. Breakthrough is the result of obedience. Gen 22:17. Prompt obedience, total obedience, 2 Kings 5:10, unreserved obedience, Delightsome Obedience. If you faint you fail. You will never suffer breakdown in your journey. You will not crash.

The mystery of tithing -Malachi 3:7-10. Mal 4:1. The best time to tithe is now. Heb 7:1-8. Cooperate tithing open the heaven over your businesses. Where others are struggling, you are simply triumphing. Gen 14:20. Abraham gave cooperate tithe. Psalm 112:1. You dont go down tithing, you soar in life. Your giving gives God responsibilities. May your business come under divine promotion. Continuity is the rule of your covenant work with God. You must be consistent to gain and increase in life