Sunday Watch Sept. 3th, 2017

In this covenant day of Open doors, Heaven shall grant you a new beginning to be a kingdom investor and to have supernatural commanding ability to face your tomorrow. Psalm 24:1-10

Mat 5:14 supernatural breakthrough is your birthright.

Isaiah 48:17 Your understanding shall command your outstanding results in this month of supernatural breakthrough. May God turn you a living wonder among men.

If you can see farther, you can fly higher.

Deut 28:1 by doing Gods word you can be on top over every issue. By doing what God says will change your levels. Yes Lord is the only way up. I declare, no one here shall be grounded.

James 4:6 when God stands on the way of anybody, he wont go forward

Gateways to supernatural to Break through. Prov 4:18

Continuous progress till the date of the coming of Christ. May this series bring you to constant change of level.

Isaiah 34:16

Two ways to accessing our inheritance in Christ

The spiritual and the practical. Two things are always required. Gen 1:28 2Cor 13:1. Mark 11:24. Acts 2:38, Mark 16:15-16, Hab 2:2, Luke 14:23, Isaiah 66:7. John 15:16, every of your inheritance has a part for you to fulfil. You are due to the next level of lifting. You shall not miss it .

Two aspects Spiritual steps

  1. The force of the fear of the Lord. – Psalm 111:9, Prov 9:10, Psalm 112:1-3 , the fear of the lord opens the destiny of believers. May every close or closing destiny be reopened today. You will have supernatural breakthrough on the foundation of the fear of the lord. Job 1:8-10. The fear of the lord will always provoke the blessing of the Lord. What is in the fear of the lord. Number One. the secret of the Lord. Access to divine secret will distinguish you and make a star out of you. Job 29:4. It was divine secret that distinguish Job. Gen 41:15-16, Deut 29:29, Gen 42:18. The fear of God is our covenant asset to divine secrets. The anointing of Joseph is coming upon you. Dan 2:18, 46. The king bowed down and worship Daniel. Wake up and embrace the fear of the lord as a lifestyle, you will enjoy the benefits. It will make stars of you.
  2. Practical steps. The force of skills. The knowhow of a given task. It is having a sound approach to accomplishing a given task Ecc 10:15. How best to deliver.. How fast to make it happen. How to do things excellently. Prov 21:22. It is skills that empowers us to outsmart our fears. Skill is essentially acquired by training. 1 Sam 22:2-3, 2 Sam 23 :8. It is training that enhances our worth in the pursuit for any task. Formal or informal training is a must to command breakthroughs and sustain it. No defends no attack. Training under experts is life. If you must deliver your mandate, no defends no attack, keep going. You need the relevant skills in everything you are doing. Gen 14:14. Trained servants. We need the training mentality. We need the knowhow so that we don’t get grounded. Everything you must excel in you must train in. Training will turn thrash into treasure. Skill can also be divinely endowed. Psalm 78:70—72. Exodus 35:30-34 Divine endowment. The exploit of Daniel Dan 1:17. Training is the only way to sustain results. No one here shall fail.

Today is our covenant day of open doors

No door shall be shut against you again. No door of favour shall be shut against you again.

Light will remain a master key to a world of open doors. Psalm 119:130.

No barrier shall be able to withstand you anymore. Acts 12:7. Luke 19:17

Seven keys to Open doors and supernatural breakthroughs

  1. Be born again. Eph 5:8. Darkness cannot stop your way forward. 1 John 4:16. 1 Thess 5:5 Isaiah 60:1, Col 1:13, I decree your unquestionable breakthrough from this hour. Stp the devil, don’t let him stop you
  2. Continue to grow in spiritual understanding and no door shall ever be shut against you anymore. Rom 11:33, Prov 21:16, Isaiah 5:13, revelation is one vital keys to open doors. Luke 11:52, Rev 3:7,  no door shall be shut against you. 1 Cor 15:41.
  3. We must continue to serve God and the interest of his kingdom. Mat 6:33, Job 36:11, 2 Chro 15:12-15, serving the lord keeps all doors of life open to you verse 19. No more sweat in your life.
  4. Continue to be led by the Spirit Psalm 23:1-6, John 10:4, Psalm 24:7-10. Every gate will be lifted on their own accord when the Lord is going with you. No door shall be shut against you forever.
  5. Continue to grow in your love for God. Eph 3:17-19. Your divine content will continue to enhance. Love God more and more, season after season. John 3:16
  6. Continue to grow in the anointing. Ezekiel 47:1-5. Crave for ever increasing Power. Isaiah 59:19, Luke 4:19, Luke 9:43, Isaiah 45:1-2. No one shall be left behind. Isaiah 61:1-7, supernatural breakthrough is coming your way
  7. What brought your breakthrough must not be thrown away. 1 Cor 2:9. Pacesetter, trailblazers requires you to remain in love. 1 Kings 3:3, 1 Kings 4:29-34, 1 Kings 11:1. You wont miss your place.

It is not enough to be dedicated to God, you must receive grace to remain dedicated. Remain fervent. You are getting results today , may these results never lead you to pride.