Sunday Watch October 11, 2015

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Your covenant day for of healing  Psalm 126: 1-6. God says I will restore your health unto you. Jesus will prophetically terminate every sickness and disease in your life.

No matter what you are going through, God will fix it up for you because he knows just what to do.

Whatever anyone may have swallowed among you in the night or in the day knowingly or unknowingly, your case is settled today. Today is declared your day of deliverance

Is there no balm in Gilead Jeremiah 8:22, Matt 9:12-13. Whatever the word says you do and do it, you are taking prescription.

Prov 4:20,22, Luke 5:17, luke 6:19 Gods word is the ultimate healing balm. Today, there shall be diverse instant confirmation of the word of God

He healeth all your diseases. Psalm103:3, Matt 15:25,28 Your entitlement for a child of God is healing 1 Tim 5:8

Gods concern has practical expression.

Jeremiah 8:20-21

When you are hurt God is hurt, when you suffer pain, God is pained. Therefore, I decree the release of your now healing package.

2Cor 6:2 The day you call God is the day he is committed to perform.

The healing power of God covers all manner of diseases. No exception. God is all round God and heals all manner of diseases. Matt 4:23.

You are not here for documentation but you are here for manifestation. God is not here only to teach you but to touch you

What must I do to be healed?

Number One: Be born Again. It is your licence as an overcomer. 1 John 5:4

Matthew 15:26, John 1:12, 1 John 3:2, John 3:6-7

Number Two: Be filled with Holy Spirit. Rom 8:11. You secure your environment and body from satanic assault by been filled with the spirit Isaiah 59:19

Number Three: Live on the word. Prov 4:20-22. Matt 4:4. Place yourself on regular, consistent word medication. Because Gods word carries Gods nature, the more of the word you possess is the more of the presence of God you carry. The word of God has zero side effects. Living on the word makes you a wonder. Nothing of value is free.

Number Four: Think right. Think health, think wholeness. Don’t let the words of your doctors corrupt your mentality Prov 23:7. Pray for me does not solve the problem, it is taken your position in the covenant.

Number Five: Speak right. Prov 18:21. It is what you say, is what you have Mark 11:23, Matt 12:34. You need chartered insurance by the word. Sorrow is the key to sickness and Joy is the pathway to health Prov 17:22, Psalm 34:11-13. Put your tongue to the correct use.

Number Six: Be committed to kingdom advancement endeavours. Prov 13:17.

Exodus 23:25-26. John 15:2

Your story must change today, Jesus is in our midst. You will not miss your visitation

Number Seven. Be committed to fellowship Obadiah 17, Heb 19:25 we take cover in zion against all satanic assault. Go to church where you are decorated.

Number Nine: Rejoice in the Lord always Prov 17:22 Neh 8:10

Number Ten: Refuse to be offended in God Matt 11:6, Luke 17:1. God is not the author of your calamity. The devil is the one afflicting you and Jesus is your deliverer, John 10:10, Matt 26:26-28, John 6:57. The communion empowers us to live like him

1 Cor 11:25,30, Psalm 90:10

The communion is a platform for pertaining divine health. Therefore, every planting of the devil is turned to a testimony.

When you don’t give, you think God is depending on you. No, it is only a privilege. It is your obedience that will make a difference.

There is Power in the blood of the lamb. You have come to the Great Physician and today mark the end of your ordeals forever.

Written By Dr. C.I.

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