Wednesday Encounter with Daddy Uma Ukpai October 14th, 2015

“Whatever has no price has no consideration. No man takes dividend where he has no investment”

Tonight, may God dismantle any altar that rules over you

God told Gideon that I have put enough anointing on you but there is altar in your father’s house that will not allow you to reach that destiny. Judges 6:25-26

We need to have a passion for the salvation of our villages. Every believer must fight over the salvation of his family. 2 Kings 3:8-10″ Is there any tree in your village where they perform sacrifices against your family, tonight that tree must die to the root because when Power meets with power, the lesser power will bow. Jesus came that it may be well with you

The family you come from determines the battles you fight. This night, God wants to fight on your side

Every native doctor is a pretender before the power of God. The lesser power always bows to the higher power

 “Every reoccurring problem in a family is an evil altar. But it can be dismantled by God. 1 Kings 13:2. God has anointed and commission you to destroy the altar in your family”

 I want to announce, there shall be cleansing in your village. If there is a river where people worship other god, that river shall dry up. 2 Kings 22:8-11

2 Kings 32:8-9

Acts 20:26-28- There are people God wants you to reach with the gospel. Acts 20:26-28. May you be empowered

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