Sunday Watch Oct. 29th, 2017

Sunday Watch Oct. 29th, 2017

Welcome to the covenant day of Supernatural Turnaround Banquet, in this last Sunday of October, Psalm 92:1. It is good to give praise to the lord. Father we thank you for your faithfulness. Do you have anything to thank God for?

Whether you can see it or not, something good drops from God every month. If you have lost anything, he is the reason why you have not lost everything. Never take God for granted lest you will be grounded. God will mark you out for excellence. Your home shall stand, it shall be crisis free home. It shall joyful home. For everything you are thanking God today, you will never sorrow over them. Today, marks the end of all concerns in your life. This coming month, your thanksgiving will be greater in Jesus precious name. A thanksgiving is not complete without a seed. Therefore, your hands shall never know dryness.

Breakthrough shall remain your experience. Whatever you left as a concern is converted to a testimony

Give God thanks again for seeing the last Sunday of October. Tell God to speak to you today. I pray you return from here with a raw turnaround encounter. Psalm 65:11. God specializes in concluding the year with His goodness. whatever is left to make your life difference shall be sorted today 1 Chro 12:32. You are in the season of remember. God will open up your destiny. God has vowed to make your case different and in this crowning season of the year, your case shall be openly different.

Empowered by the Spirit to fulfil your glorious destiny… Redemption empowers us into a glorious destiny. We are speaking with the language of Angels. You better wake up and be connected to the Power of the Holyghost. Luke 4:17. The Holyghost is the activator of our glorious destiny. Isaiah 59:19. Every great destiny will be confronted.

The HolYghost 1 Cor 12:6

Three dimensions

The Holyspirit is the Spirit of the fear of the lord. Working in the fear of God empowers believers to fair well. Job 1:1, Job 42:16. Dan 1:8,20. Three generations of kings needed him Dan 6:28. Dan 6:5.

The Spirit of Energy. Dan 11:32, Rom 8:11, Exodus 24:18, Deut 34.5. No man commands anything without divine energy. John 6:63

The Spirit of Excellence. Today cry out for the enduement for the spirit of Excellence after the order of Daniel Eph 4:23. Our mind need to be renewed to be spirited. We need this to climb back to glory. You will not be trading from shallow waters anymore. As a result of the teaching here, you will never be found on the floor again. You need the >spirit of excellence to create jobs.

Today is supernatural turnaround banquet. Every encounter with the word is an encounter with destiny Luke 5:4-6, Isaiah 9:8. When God speaks it happens. What is in the word…

The word is reproductive Luke 8:11, Gen 8:22. Every word you truly receive and heartily believe you will become. John 1:12. You are empowered to enjoy.

Whatever you truly believe you openly declare it. Let many be tired of hearing it but never get tired of saying it. Whatever you are not ready to say, means you don’t believe it. Acts 14:3. Whatever you cant say God will not confirm it. Put the word to work.

Number two the word carries turnaround healing virtues. Job 33:22-25.Expect a supernatural turnaround in your health. If you are here, assaulted, I command your rescue now. Psalm 107:20  luke 5:17, Luke 6:19. Receive your instant healing right now. 2 Cor 5:21.

The word illuminates us to dominate our circumstances Psalm 119:130. John 1:5,9. There is no contention with light and darkness. You will dominate without stress. Any subject matter on which you are illuminated, you dominate without noise.

You don’t prosper by fasting, you prosper by covenant practice. If you are a consistent tithe payer, you cannot be poor. You need light. I decree a fresh enduement of the spirit of revelation. Gods word is also creative. Gen 1:1-11.

Whatever is missing in your life, I decree them created for you. This week shall be your week of turnaround week. Things will change in your favour. You are in your season of remembrance, God will remember you this time.